Connecting People & Ideas to Advance Mutual Interests in U.S.-Asia Relations


May 2024
Mansfield Next Generation of U.S.-Japan Nuclear Policy Experts: Recommendations from the First Cohort
March 2024
The Maureen Mansfield Women’s Empowerment Initiative: Japan-Korea-U.S. Youth Empowerment
December 2023
The Maureen Mansfield Women’s Empowerment Initiative: Japan-Korea-U.S. Equitable Workplaces for Women
October 2023
Policies for Maritime Domain Awareness & Space Technology
August 2023
Building a Cyber Workforce Through the U.S.-Japan Alliance
January 2023
Strengthening the Japan-Korea-U.S. Strategic Triangle: Advancing Common Interests & Shared Values
June 2022
Trilateral Cooperation in East Asia: U.S.-Japan-South Korea Dialogue on Aligning Security Concerns and Spent Nuclear Fuel Challenges
September 2020
Reducing Major Stakeholder Misalignment on the Korean Peninsula: Shoring Up the Foundation for Peace and Denuclearization
Expert Voices on Japan: Security, Economic, Social, and Foreign Policy Recommendations by the U.S.-Japan Network for the Future, Cohort 4.
January 2017
Pivotal Issues in Korea-Japan-U.S. Relations: Perspectives from Emerging Leaders
March 2017
Reexamining North Korea Policy: A Blue-Sky Approach
August 2017
Navigating Uncertainties on the Korean Peninsula: In Search of a Roadmap

June 2015
U.S.-Japan Space forum: Mid-Term Objectives and Near-Term Priorities for Japan-U.S. Space Cooperation

May 2014
U.S.-Japan Cooperation on an Integrated Approach to Transportation Technology & Policy: Measuring the Environmental, Economic, and Public Safety Benefits 
Toward an Ideal Security State for Northeast Asia 2025, edited by L. Gordon Flake

American Diplomatic relations with Korea [1866-1910]by Mike Mansfield (Master of Arts Thesis, State University of Montana).

Summary by Eyob Moges, Mansfield Foundation Staff