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Network Publications

Below is an inexhaustive list of publications by members of our U.S.-Japan Network for the Future. The archive begins in 2018.

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Authored and Edited Books

America’s Pacific Island Allies: The Freely Associated States, Jeffrey W. Hornung (Cohort 2). 2019

Beyond Technonationalism: Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia, Kathryn Ibata-Arens (Cohort 1). April 2019

Black Wave: How Networks and Governance Shaped Japan’s 3/11 Disasters, Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). July 2019

Critical Readings on the Liberal Democratic party in Japan Volumes 1-4, Robert Pekkanen (Cohort 1). August 2018

Countering China’s Efforts to Isolate Taiwan Diplomatically in Latin America and the Caribbean, Scott W. Harold (Cohort 5). 2019

Dynasties and Democracy: The Inherited Incumbency Advantage in Japan, Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). July 2018

Faking Liberties: Religious Freedom in American-Occupied Japan, Jolyon Thomas (Cohort 4). March 2019

Food Safety After Fukushima, Nicholas Sternsdorff-Cisterna (Cohort 5). October 2018

Help (Not) Wanted: Immigration Politics in Japan, Michael Strausz (Cohort 3). August 2019

Japan Decides 2017: The Japanese General Election, edited by Robert Pekkanen (Cohort 1). May 2018

Making Time: Astronomical Time Measurement in Tokugawa Japan, Yulia Frumer (Cohort 4). January 2018

Manchukuo Perspectives: Transnational Approaches to Literary Production, Annika A. Culver (Cohort 2). 2019

Rights Make Might: Global Human Rights and Minority Social Movements in Japan, Kiyoteru Tsutsui (Cohort 3). August 2018

Risk Management Strategies of Japanese Companies in China: Political Crisis and Multinational Firms, Kristin Vekasi (Cohort 4). June 2019

Routledge Handbook of Japanese Foreign Policy, edited by Mary McCarthy (Cohort 2). February 2018.

Soka Gakkai’s Human Revolution: The Rise of a Mimetic Nation in Modern Japan, Levi McLaughlin (Cohort 3). December 2018

Statebuilding by Imposition: Resistance and Control in Colonial Taiwan and the Philippines, Reo Matsuzaki (Cohort 4). March 2019

Taming Japan’s Deflation: The Debate over Unconventional Monetary Policy, Gene Park (Cohort 2), coauthor. September 2018

The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems, coedited by Robert Pekkanen (Cohort 1). April 2018


Book Chapters

“The 2017 Election Results: An Earthquake, a Typhoon, and Another Landslide” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). In Japan Decides 2017, pp. 29-50. May 2018

“Abenomics’ Third Arrow: Fostering Future Competitiveness” Kenji Kushida (Cohort 2). In Japan Decides 2017, pp. 261-295. May 2018

“Avoiding a Two-Party System: the Liberal Democratic Party versus Duverger’s Law” Kay Shimizu (Cohort 1). In Critical Readings on the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan, Volume 4. August 2018

“Battlefield Comforts of Home” Annika Culver (Cohort 2). In Defamiliarizing Japan’s Asia-Pacific War. 2019

Beyond Blood Ties: Intimate Kinships in Japanese Foster and Adoptive Care” Kathryn Goldfarb (Cohort 5). In Intimate Japan. 2019

China’s Maritime Gray Zone Operations in the East China Sea and Japan’s Response” Adam P. Liff (Cohort 4). In Andrew S. Erickson and Ryan D. Martinson, eds. China’s Maritime Gray Zone Operations, pp. 207-231. 2019

“Constitutional Revision in the 2017 Election” Kenneth McElwain (Cohort 2). In Japan Decides 2017, pp. 297-312. May 2018

“Demand-Side Management in Japan: Moving Beyond Gaman and Pilot Programs” Ken Haig (Cohort 1). In Japan’s Energy Conundrum, pp. 123-138. June 2018

“Does the LDP Want to Build a Wall Too? Immigration and the 2017 Election in Japan” Michael Strausz (Cohort 3). In Japan Decides 2017, pp. 203-218. May 2018

“Electoral Systems and Voter Turnout” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). In The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems, pp. 193-212. April 2018

The Energy Politics of Japan,” Phillip Lipscy (Cohort 1). In The Oxford Handbook of Energy Politics, 2020.

“Ethnic Return Migration and Noncitizen Hierarchies in South Korea and Japan” Erin Aeran Chung (Cohort 2). In Diasporic Returns to the Ethnic Homeland pp. 179-197. July 2018

“The Evolution of America’s Implicit Support of EU-Japan security relations” Jeffrey Hornung (Cohort 2). In The EU-Japan Partnership in the Shadow of China: The Crisis of Liberalism. June 2018

The Evolution of Sino-Japanese Relations: Implications for Northeast Asia and Beyond” Noriyuki Katagiri (Cohort 4). In New Perspectives on China’s Relations with the World: National, Transnational and International. March 2019

“Follower No More? Japan’s Leadership Role as a Champion of the Liberal Trading Order” Mireya Solis (Cohort 1). In The Crisis of Liberal Internationalism: Japan and the World Order, pp. 79-106. January 2020

“Gentrification, Machizukuri, and Ontological Insecurity: Bottom-Up Redevelopment and the Cries of Residents in Kamagasaki, Osaka” Matthew Marr (Cohort 1). In Palgrave Studies in Urban Anthropology. April 2020

Human Rights and Social Movements: From the Boomerang Pattern to a Sandwich Effect,” Kiyoteru Tsutsui (Cohort 3). The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Social Movements.

“International Assessments and Education Policy” Phillip Lipscy (Cohort 1). In The Power of Global Performance Indicators. February 2020

“Introduction” and “The Power and Limits of the Transnational ‘Comfort Women’ Movement” Mary McCarthy (Cohort 2). In Routledge Handbook of Japanese Foreign Policy. February 2018

“Introduction: Abe on a Roll at the Polls” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3) and Robert Pekkanen (Cohort 1). In Japan Decides 2017, pp. 3-14. May 2018

“Japanese Politics Between 2014 and 2017: The Search for an Opposition Party in the Age of Abe” Robert Pekkanen (Cohort 1). In Japan Decides 2017, pp. 15-28. May 2018

“Japan’s 2015 security legislation: Change rooted firmly in continuity” Jeffrey Hornung (Cohort 2). In Routledge Handbook of Japanese Foreign Policy. February 2018

Japan and the Liberal International Order: A Survey Experiment” Adam Liff (Cohort 4) and Kenneth McElwain (Cohort 2). In The Crisis of Liberal Internationalism: Japan and the World Order, pp. 359-376. January 2020

“Japan’s Growing Base of Women in Elected Office” Sherry Martin (Cohort 1). In Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan. January 2019

“Japan’s whaling diplomacy: Science, morality, and international norms” Michael Strausz (Cohort 3). In Routledge Handbook of Japanese Foreign Policy. February 2018

“Japan’s Womenonics Diplomacy” Liv Coleman (Cohort 3). In Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan. January 2019

“The JCP: A Perpetual Spoiler?” Ko Maeda (Cohort 4). In Japan Decides 2017, pp. 93-106. May 2018

“Kōmeitō 2017: New Complications” Levi McLaughlin (Cohort 3). In Japan Decides 2017, pp.53-76. May 2018

“Linking Abductions Activism to North Korean Human Rights Advocacy in Japan and Abroad” Celeste Arrington (Cohort 2). In North Korean Human Rights: Activists and Networks, pp. 85-108. June 2018

“Low-carbon technologies, national innovation systems, and global production networks: the state of play” Llewelyn Hughes (Cohort 1). In Handbook of the International Political Economy of Energy and Natural Resources, pp. 281-298. January 2018

“The Opposition: From Third Party Back to Third Force” Robert Pekkanen (Cohort 1). In Japan Decides 2017, pp. 77-92. May 2018

Proactive Stabilizer: Japan’s Role in the Asia-Pacific Security Order” Adam Liff (Cohort 4). In The Crisis of Liberal Internationalism: Japan and the World Order, pp. 39-78. February 2020

“Political and Social Contestation in the Memorialization of ‘Comfort Women'” Mary McCarthy (Cohort 2). In Public Memory in the Context of Transnational Migration and Displacement, pp. 127-156. July 2020

“The Politics of Care and Community” Linda Hasunuma (Cohort 2), In Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan. January 2019

“The Politics of Energy and Climate Change” Llewelyn Hughes (Cohort 1). In The Oxford Handbook of Energy Politics, October 2019

“Reflections on Historical Objectivity and Intellectual Engagement” Annika Culver (Cohort 2). In A Study of the Transformation of International Relations Structures and the Historical Problem in the Asia-Pacific. 2019

Reformist Status Quo Power: Japan’s Approach toward International Organizations” Phillip Lipscy (Cohort 1). In The Crisis of Liberal Internationalism: Japan and the World Order, pp. 107-132

“Relationships that Matter” Kathryn Goldfarb (Cohort 5). In Routledge Handbook of the Medical Humanities. 2019

Revisiting the limits of flexible and adaptive institutions” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). In Critical Issues in Contemporary Japan, pp. 75-87. February 2019

“Terminology and Basic Rules of Electoral Systems” Robert Pekkanen (Cohort 1). In The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems. April 2018

“Vietnam among the Powers: Struggle and Cooperation” Mark Manyin (Cohort 1). In International Relations and Asia’s Southern Tier, pp. 207-227. August 2018

Gentrification, Machizukuri and Ontological (In)security: “Bottom Up” Redevelopment and the “Cries” of Residents in Kamagasaki, Osaka,” Matthew Marr (Cohort 1). In Gentrification around the World: Gentrifiers and the Displaced, pp. 291-313. April 2020


Journal Articles

#MeToo in Japan and South Korea: #WeToo, #WithYou,” Linda Hasunuma (Cohort 2). Journal of Women, Politics & Policy, Volume 40, Issue 1, pp. 97-11. March 2019

A research agenda for disaster entrepreneurship,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). The Review of Austrian Economics, Volume 31, Issue 4, Pages 457-465. December 2018

A Tournament Theory of Pork Barrel Politics: The Case of Japan,” Amy Catalinac (Cohort 4). Comparative Political Studies, Volume 53, Issue 10-11. 2020.

Abenomics and Japan’s Trade Policy in a New Era,” Mireya Solis (Cohort 1). Asian Economic Policy Review, Volume 13, Issue 1. January 2018

After the Summit: Prospects for the Korean Peninsula,” Jeffrey Hornung (Cohort 2). Survival, Global Politics and Strategy, Volume 60, Issue 4, 2018 pp. 21-28. July 2018.

Balancing Strategic Trade Control Implementation with the Broadening Role of Technology and Financial Controls in Foreign Policy,” Crystal D. Pryor (Cohort 5). Balancing Strategic, Volume 19, Issue 2. 2019.

Beyond formal representation: Case studies of women’s participation in civil society in Japan,” Linda Hasunuma (Cohort 2). Women’s Studies International Forum, Volume 72, Feb 2019, pp. 1-8. October 2018

Boycotting Japan: Explaining Divergence in Chinese and South Korean Economic Backlash,” Kristin Vekasi (Cohort 4). Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs, Volume 6, Issue 3. 2019.

Cause Lawyering and Movement Tactics: Disability Rights Movements in South Korea and Japan,” Celeste L. Arrington (Cohort 2). Law & Policy, Volume 42, Issue 1, pp. 5-30 2020.

Capturing Bonding, Bridging, and Linking Social Capital through Publicly Available Data,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). Risk, Hazards, & Crisis in Public Policy, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 61-86. December 2019

Challenges to Coordination: Understanding Intergovernmental Friction During Disaster,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). International Journal of Disaster Risk Science, Volume 10, pp. 306-316. September 2019

China and the U.S. Alliance System,” Adam P. Liff (Cohort 4). The China Quarterly, Volume 233, Pages 137-165. March 2018

“China’s Military Activities in the East China Sea: Implications for Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force,” Jeffrey Hornung (Cohort 2). RAND Publication. July 2018

Coalition building and mobilization: case studies of the comfort women memorials in the United States,” Linda Hasunuma (Cohort 2) and Mary McCarthy (Cohort 2). Politics, Groups, and Identities, Volume 6, Issue 3, 2018 pp. 411-434. August 2018

Conflicting and reinforcing identities in expanding Europe from 1995 to 2019.” Kiyoteru Tsutsui (Cohort 3). Innoation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, Volume 34, Issue 1. 2020

Countering Violent Extremism in Trinidad and Tobago: An Evaluation,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). SSRN, pp. 1 – 17. September 2019

Creating a Collective Memory of the Comfort Women in the USA,” Linda Hasunuma (Cohort 2) and Mary McCarthy (Cohort 2). International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society (2018): 1-18. November 2018

Creating hierarchies of noncitizens: race, gender, and visa categories in South Korea,” Erin Aeran Chung (Cohort 2).  Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. February 2019

Distinguishing Providing Public Services from Receiving Government FUnding as Factors in Nonprofit Advocacy,” Robert J. Pekkanen (Cohort 1). International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations. 2020.

Democracy and Financial Crisis,” Phillip Lipscy (Cohort 1). International Organization, Volume 72, Issue 4, pp. 937-968. October 2018

Destruction from Above: Long-Term Legacies of the Tokyo Air Raids,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). SSRN. 2019.

Distributive Politics and Crime,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). SSRN. June 10, 2019

Domestic politics of Chinese foreign policy: where will Xi Jinping bring China?” Hiroki Takeuchi (Cohort 3). Asian Security, Volume 15, pp. 205-213. 2019.

East Asia’s Nuclear Policies: Fukushima Effect or a Nuclear Renaissance?” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs, Volume 4, Number 2, pp. 58-65. Winter 2019

Electoral incentives, policy compromise, and coalition durability: Japan’s LDP–Komeito Government in a mixed electoral system,” Adam P. Liff (Cohort 4) and Ko Maeda (Cohort 4). Japanese Journal of Political Science. December 2018

Electoral Rules, Legislative Institutions, and Responsible Party Government,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). 2019.

Engineering meets institutions: an interdisciplinary approach to the management of resilience,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). Environment Systems and Decisions, Volume 38, Issue 3, pp. 306-317 September 2018

Extending Postcolonial Sovereignty Games: The Multilevel Negotiation of Autonomy and Integration in the 2010 Dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles and Dutch Kingdom Relations,” Michael O. Sharpe (Cohort 4). Ethnopolitics, Volume 21, Issue 3. 2020.

Fights on the Right: Social Citizenship, Ethnicity, and Postwar Cohorts of the Japanese Activist Right,” Nathaniel Smith (Cohort 3). Social Science Japan Journal, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp. 235-257. August 2018

Finding an Advocate: The Role of the Private Sector in Korea-Japan Relations,” Kristin Vekasi (Cohort 4). Korea Economic Institute of America. June 2019.

Gender and Dynastic Political Selection,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). Comparative Political Studies, Volume 54, Issue 2. 2021

Global interdependence in clean energy transitions,” Llewelyn Hughes (Cohort 1). Business and Politics, Volume 20, Issue 4, Pages 467-491. December 2018

Getting to Know Her: Information and Gender Bias in Preferential Systems,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). 2019.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Pseudonymity and Participation in Legal Mobilization,” Celeste Arrington (Cohort 2). Comparative Political Studies. May 2018

“How Social Ties Influence Hurricane Evacuation Behavior,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, , pp. 122. November 2018

Identifying voter preferences for politicians’ personal attributes: a conjoint experiment in Japan,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). Political Science Research and Methods, Volume 8, Issue 1. 2018

Japanese Naval Activities in Southeast Asian Waters: Building on 50 Years of Maritime Security Capacity Building,” John F. Bradford (Cohort 5). Asian Security, Volume 17. 2021.

Japanese Religious Responses to COVID-19: A Preliminary Report,” Levi McLaughlin (Cohort 3). The Asia-Pacififc Journal, Volume 18, Issue 9. May 2020.

Japanese Reverse Compasses: Grounding Cognition in History and Society,” Yulia Frumer (Cohort 4). Science in Context, Volume 31, Number 2. 155-187. June 2018

Japan’s Deflation, Monetary Policy and Issues Ahead,” Gene Park (Cohort 2). East Asian Policy, Volume 11, Number 3, pp. 68-81. 2019

Japan’s Model of Immigration Without Immigrants,” Erin Aeran Chung (Cohort 2). Current History, Volume 118, Issue 809, pp. 215-221. September 2019

Japan’s National Security Council: Policy Coordination and Political Power,” Adam P. Liff (Cohort 4). Japanese Studies, Volume 38, Issue 2, pages 253-279. August 2018

Japan’s Opportunity to Lead,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1), Phillip Lipscy (Cohort 1), and Mary McCarthy (Cohort 2). Nature Climate Change, Volume 9, Issue 7. June 2019

Japan’s Security Policy in the “Abe Era”: Radical Transformation or Evolutionary Shift?,” Adam P. Liff (Cohort 4). Texas National Security Review, Volume 1, Issue 3. May 2018.

Life in China’s Asia: What Regional Hegemony Would Look Like,” Jennifer Lind (Cohort 1). Foreign Affairs, Volume 97, p, 71. April 2018

Local Representation and Voter Mobilization in Closed-list Proportional Representation Systems,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). SSRN. September 4, 2019.

“Manipulating electoral rules to manufacture single-party dominance,” Kenneth McElwain (Cohort 2). Critical Readings on the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan, 430-459. September 2018

“Markets or Mercantilism? How China Secures Its Energy Supplies,” Jennifer Lind (Cohort 1). International Security, Volume 42, Issue 4, pp. 170-204. May 2018

Market structure and economic sanctions: the 2010 rare earth elements episode as a pathway case of market adjustment,” Llewelyn Hughes (Cohort 1). Review of International Political Economy, Volume 28, Issue 3, pp. 611-634. November 2019

Measuring the Competitiveness of Elections,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). Political Analysis, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp. 168-185. April 2020

“Measuring Voters’ Multidimensional Policy Preferences with Conjoint Analysis: Application to Japan’s 2014 Election,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). Political Analysis, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp. 190-209. March 2018

The Mechanisms behind Litigation’s “Radiating Effects”: Historical Grievances against Japan,” Celeste Arrington (Cohort 2). Law & Society Review, Volume 53, Issue 1, pp. 6-40. January 2019

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Narratives and International Reconciliation,” Jennifer Lind (Cohort 1). Journal of Global Security Studies, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp. 229-247. April 2020.

“Nationalist in a Liberal Order: Why Populism Missed Japan,” Jennifer Lind (Cohort 1). Asia-Pacific Review, Volume 25, Issue 1, 2018, pp. 52-74. July 2018

The Ohaka (Grave) Project: Post-secular social service delivery and resistant necropolitics in San’ya, Tokyo,” Matthew Marr (Cohort 1). Ethnography OnlineFirst. May 2019

“Optimizing the U.S.-China Military-to-Military Relationship,” Scott W. Harold (Cohort 5). Asia Policy, Volume 14, Number 3.

Organized insurgency, lethality, and target selection: Abu Sayyaf Group and Jemaah Islamiyah,” Nori Katagiri (Cohort 4). Small Wars & Insurgencies, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp. 518-542. June 2019

“Parties, Legislators, and the Origins of Proportional Representation,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). Comparative Political Studies. April 2018

“Policy competition in clean technology: Scaling up or innovating up?” Llewelyn Hughes (Cohort 1). Business and Politics, pp. 1-27. October 2018

“Political dynasties and the incumbency advantage in party-centered environments,” Daniel Smith (Cohort 3). American Political Science Review, Volume 112, Issue 3, pp. 706-712. February 2018

Positioning under Alternative Electoral Systems: Evidence from Japanese Candidate Election Manifestos,” Amy Catalinac (Cohort 4), American Political Science Review, Volume 112, Issue 1, pp. 31-48. February 2018

Primacy of Diplomacy and Economic Power: How Japan Counters North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons and Ballistic Missile Development,” Noriyuki Katagiri (Cohort 4), Journal of Peace and War Studies, Inaugural Issue, pp. 89-108. March 2019

“Protecting Solar: Global Supply Chains and Business Power,” Llewelyn Hughes (Cohort 1). New Political Economy, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp. 88-104. January 2018

Public policy strategies for next-generation vehicle technologies: An overview of leading markets,” Llewelyn Hughes (Cohort 1). Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. September 2018

Regulating membership and movement at the meso-level: citizen-making and the household registration system in East Asia,” Erin Aeran Chung (Cohort 2). Citizenship Studies, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp. 76-92. December 2019

“Rethinking Japan: The Politics of Contested Nationalism,” Michael Strausz (Cohort 3). Pacific Affairs, Volume 91, Number 2, pp. 380-381. June 2018

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“Substitute or Complement? How Social Capital, Age, and SES Interacted to Impact Mortality in Japan’s 3/11 Tsunami,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). November 2018

Technology and Tensions in the Global Commons,” Kristi Govella (Cohort 5). Going Dark: How Living in a 21st Century World Affects Security and Geopolitics. Volume 6, Number 1. September 2019.

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The Price of Settlement: World War II Reparations in China, Japan, and Korea,” Timothy Webster (Cohort 5). New York University Journal of International Law and Politics, Volume 51, Number 301.

“The Right Way to Build Resilience to Climate Change,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). Global Trends. January 2018

“The Role of Social Capital, Personal Networks, and Emergency Responders in Post-Disaster Recovery and Resilience: A Study of Rural Communities in Indiana,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). Natural Hazards, Volume 90, Issue 3, pp. 1377-1406. February 2018

“Tournament, Prizes, and Political Support: Explaining LDP Dominance in Japanese House of Representatives Elections, 1980–2000,” Amy Catalinac (Cohort 4). September 2018

Translating Words, Building Worlds: Meteorology in Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch,” Yulia Frumer (Cohort 4),  Isis, Volume 109, Number 2. 1-7. June 2018

“Triggers for policy change: the 3.11 Fukushima meltdowns and nuclear policy continuity,” Daniel Aldrich (Cohort 1). Environmental Politics, pp. 1-22. August 2018

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When Candidates are More Polarised than Voters: Constitutional Revision in Japan,” Kenneth M. McElwain (Cohort 2). European Political Science. Volume 19, pp. 5288-539. 2020.

“Womenomics under Abe’s Leadership Signs of Feminisation of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party?” Linda Hasunuma (Cohort 2). Representation, Journal of Representative Democracy, Volume 54, Issue 2 pp. 177-193. March 2018


Book Reviews

Aristocracy of Armed Talent: The Military Elite in Singapore by Samuel Ling Wei Chan, reviewed by John Bradford (Cohort 5). December 2019

By More than Providence by Michael Green, reviewed by Adam P. Liff (Cohort 4). Asia Policy, Volume 25, Issue 3, pages 140-143, National Bureau of Asian Research. July 2018

China and the Geopolitics of Rare Earths by Sophia Kalantzakos, reviewed by Kristin Vekasi (Cohort 4) Journal of Chinese Political Science, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp 637–638. December 2018

Curative Violence: Rehabilitating Disability, Gender, and Sexuality in Modern Korea by Eunjun Kim, reviewed by Celeste Arrington (Cohort 2). Pacific Affairs, Volume 91, Number 1, pp. 172-174. March 2018

Faking Liberties: Religious Freedom in American-Occupied Japan by Jolyon Baraka Thomas, reviewed by Levi McLaughlin (Cohort 3). June 2020

Japan–China Relations in the Modern Era, by Ryosei Kokubun et al, reviewed by Robert Hoppens (Cohort 4). Contemporary Japan, Routledge, 1-3. June 2018

Japan Rearmed: The Politics of Military Power by Sheila Smith, reviewed by Andrew Oros (Cohort 2). June 2020

Nation-Empire: Ideology and Rural Youth Mobilization in Japan and its Colonies by Sayaka Chatani, reviewed by Emer O’Dwyer (Cohort 3). August 2019

Our Unions, Our Selves: The Rise of Feminist Labor Unions in Japan by Anne Zacharias-Walsh, reviewed by Liv Coleman (Cohort 3). September 2019

Placing Empire: Travel and the Social Imagination in Imperial Japan by Kate McDonald, reviewed by Annika A. Culver (Cohort 2). Monumenta Nipponia, Sophia University, Volume 73, Number 1, 2018 pp. 111-114. September 2018

Playing War: Children and the Paradoxes of Modern Militarism in Japan by Frühstück Sabine, reviewed by Liv Coleman (Cohort 3). Pacific Affairs, Volume 91 Number 3, pp. 611-613. September 2018

Postwar Emigration to South America from Japan and the Ryukyu Islands by Pedro Iacobelli, reviewed by Michael O. Sharpe (Cohort 4). The Journal of Japanese Studies, Volume 45, Number 2. Summer 2019

Resigned Activism: Living with Pollution in Rural China by Anna Lora-Wainwright, reviewed by Mary Alice Haddad (Cohort 1). Journal of Asian Studies, Volume 77, Issue 2, pp. 517-518. May 2018

Rethinking Japanese Feminisms edited by Julia C. Bulock, Ayako Kano, and James Welker, reviewed by Sherry Martin (Cohort 1). December 2019

Seiji sanka to minshu seiji (Political Participation and Democratic Politics) by Masahiro Yamada, reviewed by Kenneth McElwain (Cohort 2). Social Science Japan Journal, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp. 162–163. March 2019

Waste: Consuming Postwar Japan by Eiko Maruko Sinawer, reviewed by Mary Alice Haddad (Cohort 1). 2018

Women in Japanese Religions by Barbara R. Ambros, reviewed by Levi McLaughlin (Cohort 3). The Journal of Japanese Studies, Society for Japanese Studies, Volume 44, Number 1, Winter 2018, pp. 160-165. January 2018



Asia Forecast 2020,” CSIS. Featuring Nicholas Szechenyi (Cohort 1). January 2020

“The Business of Immigration: Why Corporate and Mass Preferences Diverage,” Asian Online Political Science Seminar Series. Featuring Michael Strausz (Cohort 3). April 2020

“New Books in East Asian Stuzdies: Levi McLaughlin, ‘Soka Gakkai’s Human Revolution,'” New Books Network. Featuring Levi McLaughlin (Cohort 3). August 2019

“Dr. Jolyon Thomas (Penn),” Meiji at 150. Featuring Jolyon Thomas (Cohort 4). February 2019

“WWII, Religious Freedom, and the Occupation of Japan w/ Dr. Jolyon Thomas,” The Classical Ideas Podcast. Featuring Jolyon Thomas (Cohort 4). May 2019.


Essays and Working Papers

Group Rewards and Rational Voting in Japan,” Amy Catalinac (Cohort 4)

“Japan’s Response to Covid-19: A Work in Prgress,” Nicholas Szechenyi (Cohort 1)

“U.S.-Japan Alliance Conference: Regional Perspective on the Quadrilateral Dialogue and the Free and Open Indo-Pacific,” Scott W. Harold (Cohort 5)



Asianism and Universalism: The Evolution of Norms and Power in Modern Asia,” Nicholas Szecheynyi (Cohort 1) on CSIS. 2019

China, Japan, and the art of economic statecraft,” Mireya Solis (Cohort 1) on Brookings. 2020

Gaining Competitive Advantage in the Gray Zone,” Jeffrey Hornung (Cohort 2) on RAND. 2019

Hostile Social Manipulation,” Scott W. Harold (Cohort 5) on RAND. 2019

Japan’s consolidated democracy in an era of populist turbulence,” Mireya Solis (Cohort 1) on Brookings. 2019

Taiwan’s Cybersecurity Landscape and Opportunities for Regional Parternship,” Crystal Pryor (Cohort 5) on JSTOR. 2019

The Sunnylands Principles on Enhancing Democratic Partnership in the Indo-Pacific Region,” Nicholas Szecheyni (Cohort 1) on CSIS. 2020.

The Thickening Web of Asian Security Cooperation,” Scott W. Harold (Cohort 5) and Jeffrey Hornung (Cohort 2) on RAND. 2019

US-China-Japan Trilateral Dialogue Report: Avenues of Coooperation Amidst Continuing Tensions,” Andrew Oros (Cohort 2) on NCAFP. 2019


Research Papers

“Aging and the Politics of Monetary Policy in Japan,” Gene Park (Cohort 2). 2019

COVID-19 and Social Distancing in the Absence of Legal Enforcement: Survey from Japan,” Kenneth McElwain (Cohort 2). 2020

The Effect of Soft Government Directives about COVID-19 on Social Beliefs in Japan,” Kenneth McElwain (Cohort 2). 2020

“Innovation and Export Opportunities of the Energy Transition,” Llewelyn Hughes (Cohort 1). 2019

The Ohaka (Grave) Project: Post-Secular Social Service Delivery and Resistant Necropolitics in San’ya, Tokyo,” Matthew Marr (Cohort 1). 2019

Past as Prologue? Japan’s Past Industrial Trajectory and China’s Future One,” Gene Park (Cohort 2). 2019

Public Policy Strategies for Next-Generation Vehicle Technologies: An Overview of Leading Markets,” Llewelyn Hughes (Cohort 1). 2019