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At least three alumni of the U.S.-Japan Space Forum were among the participants in this year’s government-level U.S.-Japan Comprehensive Dialogue on Space. The Comprehensive Dialogue, which is co-chaired by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Space Policy Secretariat, and Cabinet Office, and the U.S. National Space Council and U.S. National Security Council, is a government-to-government forum for exchanging views on civil, commercial, and national security areas of bilateral space cooperation. Among those participating in the meeting were several alumni of the Mansfield Foundation’s U.S.-Japan Space Forum, including John Mittleman (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory) Scott Pace (U.S. National Space Council), and Sean Wilson (U.S. Department of State, and alumni of the 21st class of the Mike Mansfield Fellowship Program). Other Mansfield-affiliated participants in the Dialogue included John Hill (Principal Director for Space Policy, U.S. Department of Defense) and Nate Purdy (Senior FAA Representative, Pacific Rim, Federal Aviation Administration), alumni of the 1st and 17th classes of Mansfield Fellows, respectively.

The joint statement from the Comprehensive Dialogue is available in English and Japanese on the websites of the Department of U.S. State and Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.