Connecting People & Ideas to Advance Mutual Interests in U.S.-Asia Relations

The U.S.-Korea Scholar-Policymaker Nexus was a two-year program providing opportunities for mid-career Korea specialists to discuss issues of importance to U.S.-Korea relations with policymakers, government officials and opinion leaders in Korea and the United States.  Ambassador Kathleen Stephens, Dr. Victor Cha, and Dr. David Kang served as senior advisors, participated in program meetings, and advised participants on how to effectively engage with the media, participated in the policymaking process, and expanded their professional networks.

This project allowed for deeper and more vigorous dialogue and research not only on topics of immediate concern to the bilateral relationship, but also on ways to strengthen U.S.-Korea coordination in global affairs. It identified, nurtured, and built a community of American public policy intellectuals across a wide range of sectors and facilitate spin-offs of policy-oriented research teams and projects.  In all, it will contribute to the understanding of Korean points of view in international venues and support Korea and the United States in promoting their key mutual ideas and values as leaders in the international community.

Program Meetings:
  • May 2013: Washington, D.C. (four nights)
  • September 2013: Whitefish, Montana (three nights)
  • June 2014: Korea (one week)
  • October 2014: Washington, D.C. (four nights)