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The Foundation’s publication — Mid-Term Objectives and Near-Term Priorities for Japan-U.S. Space Cooperation — outlines six mid-term objectives for U.S.-Japan partnership on the peaceful use of space and five areas where there are immediate opportunities to enhance bilateral space cooperation. The publication is the result of a series of discussions held by members of the U.S.-Japan Space Forum (USJSF), a standing committee of American and Japanese space policy experts. The USJSF meets regularly to examine critical developments and opportunities for bilateral space-related activities. Members drafted their initial conclusions during a June 2014 Montana retreat and received feedback on these conclusions during meetings and a public seminar in Tokyo in December 2014. This month those conclusions were refined and published as Mid-Term Objectives and Near-Term Priorities for Japan-U.S. Space Cooperation. USJSF will reconvene in December of 2015 to reassess circumstances for bilateral collaboration on space and to discuss their concerns with key members of Washington’s space policy community.