Connecting People & Ideas to Advance Mutual Interests in U.S.-Asia Relations

On January 14th in Tokyo and February 9th in Washington, D.C., the first cohort of the Mansfield Next Generation of U.S.-Japan Nuclear Policy Experts Program held their capstone presentations as their final event within the program. Each member of the cohort shared their personal experiences in the program before summarizing their research projects and conclusions to an audience of nuclear policy stakeholders in Tokyo and Washington, D.C.

The consensus of the cohort was that the Next Generation of U.S.-Japan Nuclear Policy Experts Program was beneficial to developing their interest in nuclear issues, thanks to webinars and in-person meetings covering complex policy and technical aspects of nuclear security. The program also allowed them to share personal expertise and interests with fellow cohort members, and practitioners in the field. The cohort is well on its way to positively impacting U.S.-Japan relations and helping guide nuclear policy.

At both presentations, Dr. Sayuri Romei (Associate Director of Programs, Mansfield Foundation) thanked the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo for funding the program. The Embassy’s support greatly contributed to nurturing the next generation of experts and policymakers who will help strengthen the U.S.-Japan relations and grow into experts with a deep understanding of regional nuclear security dynamics.

Closing statements in Tokyo by Mr. Charles Mahaffey (Director for Policy Coordination, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, U.S. Department of State), highlighted the importance of the binational research being done by the cohort, stressed the need to continue dialogue regarding nuclear weapons, and emphasized the important role of the U.S.-Japan relationship in keeping the Indo-Pacific region secure as it experiences a rapidly changing international security environment.

A compiled publication of the cohort’s projects will be released on the Foundation website at a later date.


Projects by First Cohort Members

“U.S., Japanese, and Chinese Perspectives on Mutual Vulnerability: Recommendations for Washington and Tokyo” – Eli Horton, Samanvya Hooda, and Sayaka Shingu

“Nuclear Challenges in the 21st Century: Navigating the U.S.-China Dynamic in the Indo-Pacific” – Nahoko Miki,  Hiroki Watanabe, Lily Wojtowicz, and Koichi Yoneda

“‘A Matter of Global Security’: How the United States and Japan Can Lead an International Effort at Keeping Nuclear Facilities Safe From War” – Jordan Smith and Miho Kawamoto

“Forging a Unified Front: Institutionalizing Trilateral Cooperation Amidst Rising Tensions in the Korean Peninsula” – Alice Dell’Era, Hiroko Kurosaki, Takanobu Sato, and Jayden Thomas

“The U.S.-Japan Alliance and a Nuclear-Peer China: Lessons from Europe” – Lily Wojtowicz and Ryo Kiridori