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Masato Nakamura

Masato Nakamura served as a Mansfield Foundation Board Member from 2017-2023. He was also served as Director of the International Relations Department in the Government and External Relations Division at Panasonic Corporation in Japan.  He began his career with the Panasonic group in 1986 after obtaining his Bachelor of Laws from Hokkaido University.  After receiving his MBA from the International University of Japan in 1992 he spent several years in the International Business Division of Matsushita Communication Industrial Company.  Since that time, he has served in positions including General Manager of the Global Marketing Department at Panasonic System Solutions Company (2001 to 2006), Vice President of Panasonic System Solutions Company Europe (2006 to 2008), and Vice President of Panasonic Russia Ltd. (2010 to 2016).

As of 2023, Mr. Nakamura is serving as Senior Advisor to China & Northeast Asia at Panasonic’s offices in Beijing.