Toward an Ideal Security State for Northeast Asia 2025

Toward an Ideal Security State for Northeast Asia 2025

Edited by L. Gordon Flake

This 2010 book is the product of a research partnership designed to identify the “ideal” state of peace and security in Northeast Asia in 2025 and to further explore issues related to that ideal.  The Mansfield Foundation partnered with the Advanced Systems and Concepts Office of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) on this project, which brought experts from Asia and the Pacific together for two 2009 workshops to identify an ideal security situation for Northeast Asia in the year 2025 as well as current and likely future trends diverging from that ideal.  Scholars from throughout the region were then asked to address seven key issues related to the ideal security state for Northeast Asia in 2025 and to make policy recommendations to close the gap between current trends and the identified ideal. The book is a compilation of their papers, which address topics ranging from the impact of the global financial crisis to the implications of China’s continuing rise. A new book based on the second year of this ongoing project is available here.

Complete Book


Individual Papers :


L. Gordon Flake, Executive Director, The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation

The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Regional Economic Integration and the Development of Regional Economic Infrastructure in Northeast Asia

Nationalism, Historical Legacies and Territorial Disputes as Obstacles to Cooperation in Northeast Asia

Exogenous Shocks Such as Terrorism and Pandemics as a Threat to Regional Crisis Management

Implications of Climate Change and Energy Security for Regional Integration in Northeast Asia

Implications of Strategies to Deal with North Korea for Regional Cooperation and Integration

The Trajectory and Implications of China’s Continuing Rise for Northeast Asian Regional Integration

The Future of the U.S. Role in the Region and Northeast Asian Regional Integration

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