Visiting Fellows

Mansfield Foundation Visiting Fellows

The Mansfield Foundation provides opportunities for a limited number of graduate-level researchers and scholars from the United States and Asia to affiliate with the Foundation for 12-18 months, using the Foundation as a base from which to conduct research and write on topics related to U.S.-Asia relations and foreign policy.  Visiting Fellows receive no salary or compensation from the Foundation; however, they may participate in activities of the Foundation and access its networks of Asia specialists.

Current Visiting Fellow:

Mr. Chul Jae Lee

Mr. Lee is a journalist from JoongAng Ilbo, one of the three biggest newspapers in South Korea. Since joining JoongAng Ilbo in 2000, he has covered news related to politics, the economy, society and other various topics.

Mr. Lee will research Korea’s energy security issues as a visiting fellow at the Mansfield Foundation in Washington, D.C. Previously in Korea, he has written several articles about renewable energy and rare earth elements, taking special interest in the shale gas revolution of the United States. His career as a journalist will provide in-depth insights on many issues related to Korea during his year at the Mansfield Foundation.

Mr. Lee holds a master’s degree from Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) and a bachelor’s degree in history from Yonsei University in Seoul. He has two sons.


Mr. David Park

Mr. Park is visiting from the Ministry of Unification, which he joined in 1997. He currently is a researcher at Korea Institute for National Unification. Prior to that, he worked in the Intelligence Analysis Bureau, Korea Institute for National Unification (1991- 1996).

In addition to working on his research project, “Method to Secure Basic Rights of North Koreans through Cooperation with International Organizations and NGOs,” Mr. Park will contribute his expertise and experience to the Foundation’s programs with South Korea.

Mr. Park has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Dong-a University, Busan, Korea.


Past Visiting Fellows:

Mr. Byung Dae Kim

Affiliation: Korea’s Ministry of Unification


Mr. Mizuki Yamanaka

Affiliation: Formerly, policy staff for a Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs

Issue: U.S. -East Asia economic relations


Mr. Joon Hee Jeong

Affiliation: Ministry of Unification

Issue: U.S.-R.O.K. relations


Ms. Amii Abe

Affiliation: Formerly, Director of Daily News and Special Programs, Asahi TV

Issue: U.S.-Japan Policy Cooperation on North Korea


Mr. Takayuki Yamasaki

Affiliation: The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

Issue: U.S.-Japan relations


Mr. Wan Ki Kim

Affiliation: Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

Issue: U.S.-R.O.K. relations


Professor Jean A. Garrison

Affiliation: Department of Political Science, University of Wyoming

Issue: China; Energy and Environment issues


Professor Koji Murata

Affiliation: Doshisha University

Issue: U.S.-Japan relation


Mr. Chi, Seung-Woo

Affiliation: Deputy Director of Inter-Korean Social&Cultural Exchanges Planning Division

Ministry of Unification(MOU)

Issue: U.S.-R.O.K. relations



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