East Asia Institute, BBC, GlobeScan Public Opinion Poll (2/6/2012)

Key Issues
  • Support for the Lee Myung Bak administration
  • The 2012 presidential election
  • Political Party Support
  • Political view
Dates Conducted

January 29 – 31, 2012

Date Released

February 6, 2012


Throughout January 29th and 31st, East Asia Institute, and Korea Research surveyed 1000 adults nationwide using RDD(Random Digit Dialing) method. Response rate was 8.0%. 1000 cases were selected proportionally regarding locality, gender and age.


Q1. What do you think about your political view? (%)

Liberal 28.5
Moderate 35.8
Conservative 31.5


Q2. What political party do you support? (%)

Democratic United Party 33.8
Grand National Party* 30.2
Unified Progressive Party 3.6

*This survey was conducted throughout January 29th to 31st before Grand National Party changed its name to Saenuri Party on Feb 2nd.


Q3. How do you evaluate Lee Myung Bak administration’s performance? (%)

1) The entire 1000 cases

Very good 2.2
Good 23.0
Not good 41.5
Bad 29.7
Not sure/No answer 3.6


2) Conservative group

Very good 2.9
Good 29.6
Not good 44.8
Bad 19.5
Not sure/No answer 3.2


Q4. Potential Candidates 1 on 1 competition: Which candidate will you support in the 2012 presidential election? (%)

1) Park Geun-hye vs. Ahn Cheol-soo

Park Geun-hye 35.6
Ahn Cheol-soo 49.2


2) Park Geun-hye vs. Son Hak Gyu

Park Geun-hye 51.2
Son Hak Gyu 29.1


3) Park Geun-hye vs. Moon Jae In

Park Geun-hye 47.2
Moon Jae In 35.1


Q5. Supporters for Moon Jae In depending on political view (%)

Liberal group 55.8
Moderate group 35.0
Conservative group 18.1


Q6. Supporters for Moon Jae In depending on party identification (%)

Supporters for Saenuri party 4.0
Supporters for Democratic United Party 66.6
Non-Partisan 21.8


Q7. Supporters for Saenuri party depending on political view (%)

Liberal group 17.9
Moderate group 27.4
Conservative group 45.0


Q8. Supporters for Democratic United party depending on political view (%)

Liberal group 52.2
Moderate group 30.9
Conservative group 22.4


Q9. Who will you support in the 2012 presidential election? (%)

Park Geun-hye 26.7
Ahn Cheol-soo 23.6
Moon Jae In 11.1
Han Myeong Sook 5.3
Son Hak Gyu 2.3


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