EAI, YTN, Joongang Ilbo Regular Public Opinion Poll (11/28/2011)

Key Issues
  • National Security
Dates Conducted

October 29, 2011

Date Released

November 28, 2011


On November 28th, Joongang Ilbo, YTN, East Asia Institute, and Korea Research surveyed 800 adults aged 19 and above nationwide using RDD(Random Digit Dialing) method. Response rate was 11.4%. 800 cases were selected proportionally based on locality, gender and age.


Q1. How do you expect the KORUS FTA to influence Korea’s national interest? (%)


It will add beneficial gains 41.9
It will cause damage 37.8
No idea 20.3


Q2. In the Korean national assembly, the KORUS FTA was ratified with a vote of 151-7 and 12 abstentions. Only 170 out of 295 representatives were present for the voting. How do you evaluate the ratification procedure? (%)

It was inevitable 25.8
It was inappropriate 51.3
No idea 22.9


Q3. What do you expect from the KORUS FTA? (%)

Rise in exports (Car industry etc) 23.9
Increase in growth rate 16.4
Consumer price decline 15.4
Improvement in FDI(Foreign Direct Investment)/Employment 11.5
Stronger ROK-U.S. alliance 8.0
No Idea 15.2
None 9.6


Q4. What are your concerns for the KORUS FTA? (%)

Impact on agricultural and dairy industries 56.3
Privatization of healthcare 13.3
Rise of dependency on the U.S. 11.0
Increase in trade deficit 4.7
Impact on vulnerable industries 1.5
No Idea 11.2
None 2.1


Q5. How should the Korean government and the national assembly respond after the ratification of the KORUS FTA? (%)

They should implement supplementary policies for vulnerable domestic industries 54.9
Renegotiation is needed 20.5
KORUS FTA should be denounced. 10.1
ETC 2.8


Q6. Do you trust the government after the ratification of KORUS FTA? (%)

Yes 25.0
No 53.9
Not sure 21.0


Q7. What do you think opposition parties need to do in response to the KORUS FTA? (%)

They should protest but also proceed with budget plans 54.5
They should protest by not attending  the assembly. 7.4
They should withdraw the protest and attend sessions for budget processing. 28.4
No Idea 9.6


Q8. One year has been passed since North Korea’s attack on warship Cheonan. The Korean government has taken actions to deter and to prepare for North Korea’s provocations. How do you evaluate government’s preparatory policies against North Korea’s provocations? (%)

Improved 25.4
Not improved 62.4
Aggravated 9.1
No Idea/No Answer 3.1


Q9. What do you think about stability in terms of national security?

Very Unstable 61.0
Moderate 21.8
Stable 15.8


Q10. What image best describes your perception on North Korea?

Friend 16.4
Sibling 13.2
Neighbor 20.1
Stranger 11.8
Enemy 23.9
I am indifferent with North Korea 14.6


Q11. What do you think is a proper direction for the Korea-U.S. relations?

Korea-U.S. relation as it is 34.9
Much stronger ties with the U.S. 33.4
More independency from the U.S. 26.1


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