EAI, SBS, The Joongang Daily Regular Public Opinion Poll (4/9/2012)

Key Issues
  • General Election
Dates Conducted

March 30th – April 1st, 2012

Date Released

April 9, 2012


Throughout March 30th and April 1st, The Joongang Daily, SBS, East Asia Institute, and Korea Research surveyed voters using the RDD (Random Digit Dialing) method and panel of Korea Research. Response rate was 8.3%. 2000 cases were selected proportionally regarding education level, job and home ownership.


Q1. Which political party will you support in the 4.11 general election? (%)

Local Representative Proportional Representative
Saenuri Party 30.0 1.9
Democratic United Party 29.0 31.2
Liberty Forward Party 1.4 1.9
Unified Progressive Party 3.8 7.7
K-Party 0.2 0.3
New Progressive Party 0.6 0.1
ETC/Independent 6.9 2.5
None/Uncertain 31.7 27.4


Q2. How do you score your preference for a political party? (%)

(Full score 100, score 50: The lowest, 100: The highest)

Saenuri Party 47
Democratic United Party 50


Q3. Do you expect the result of the 4.11 general election to reflect the public's judgement on the Lee administration? (%)

Yes 63
No/No answer 37


Q4. Do you think opposition parties need to consolidate their candidates for the 4.11 general election? (%)

Yes 50.7
No/No answer 49.3


Q5. What political party do you support? (%)

(1758 people/ Mar 31st –Apr 1st)

Age Saenuri Party Democratic United Party
19-29 10.6 32.9
30-39 19.6 37.7
40-49 35.0 22.0
50-59 41.8 23.8
60 and Above 51.9 16.8
Total 30.0 29.0


Q6. Which party’s nomination procedure do you think positively of? (%)

Total Saenuri Party 32.4
Democratic United Party 27.1
Supporters for Saenuri Party Saenuri Party 65.2
Democratic United Party 20.6
Supporters for Democratic United Party Saenuri Party 19.3
Democratic United Party 43.4
Non-partisan Saenuri Party 16.9
Democratic United Party 17.4


Q7. How do you evaluate the consolidation of candidates from Democratic United Party and United Democratic Party?  (%)

Total Positive 50.7
Negative/Indifferent 47.5
Supporters for Saenuri Party Positive 28.1
Negative/Indifferent 69.9
Supporters for Democratic United Party Positive 75.9
Negative/Indifferent 23.5
Non-partisan Positive 44.3
Negative/Indifferent 32.6


Q8. What do you regard as the most important issue in the general election? (%)

Economic Growth 22.4
Province Developments 17.8
Civilian Surveillance 13.4
Welfare policies 13.3
North Korea Nuclear issues 8.7
Chaebol Restructure 5.4
Unification of Opposition Parties 4.0


Q9. What is your stance on the restructuring of the "Chaebols"*? (%)

*South Korean form of business conglomerates operating in various domestic, international industries

Restraint/Prohibition on “Chaebol restructuring” policies 42.8
Maintenance/Strengthening “Chaebol restructuring” policies 53.5


Q10. What policy do you support with regards to North Korea? (%)

Hard-line policies 35.6
Cooperation and exchange policies 61.7


Q11. What policy do you support in terms of welfare? (%)

Selective Welfare 69.4
General Welfare 29.8


Q12. What is your stance on the KORUS FTA? (%)

It should be effective with amendments 55.2
It cannot be effective without renegotiation 41.8


Q13. What is the most important criterion in choosing which candidate to vote for? (%)

Competence/Political Career 36.0
Political Party 20.4
Ideology/Pledges 19.7
Morality 18.5
Possibilities to be elected 2.0
Hometown 0.6


Q14. Are you inclined to vote in the 4.11 General Election? (%)

Total 75.5
Age 20-29 62.1
Age 30-39 63.3
Age 40-49 78.7
Age 50-59 81.4
Age 60 and Above 91.3



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