Asahi Shinbun Regular Public Opinion Poll (04/21/2015)

Key Issues
  • Support for Prime Minister Abe
  • Views on Okinawa
Dates Conducted

April 18-19, 2015

Date Released

April 21, 2015


Researchers called citizens across the country (excluding certain districts in Fukushima) on April 18 and 19. The phone numbers were generated randomly using the “Asahi RDD” method. 3901 of the total computer-generated numbers represented valid home phone numbers, including 1894 homes in Okinawa.

The response rate was 49% (59% in Okinawa) of the total homes called, with 1894 valid responses. 1109 of these valid responses were from Okinawa residents.

Notes on poll information: Poll numbers are percentages. Decimals are rounded to the nearest whole number. Some questions and answers have been abbreviated. Numbers in parentheses are results from an earlier March 14-15, 2015 poll. Numbers represent nationwide data, unless indicated otherwise as specific to Okinawa.


1) Do you support the Abe cabinet?

Nationwide Okinawa
Yes 44 (46) 28
No 35 (33) 52


2) Why do you support or not support the Abe cabinet? (Participants chose from a selection of possible answers. The left data column represents the 44% who support the Abe cabinet, and the right data column represents the 35% who do not support the Abe cabinet)

Abe is the Prime Minister 10 (4) 7 (2)
LDP-centered cabinet 25 (11) 24 (9)
Policy aspect 40 (17) 57 (20)
No particular reason 23 (10) 10 (4)


3) To those who support Abe cabinet: Will you continue to support the Abe cabinet?

Yes 45 (20)
No 52 (23)



4) To those who do not support the Abe cabinet: Will you continue to withhold support from the Abe cabinet?

Yes 61 (22)
No 34 (12)



5) Which party do you currently support?

LDP 36 (38)
DPJ 7 (8)
Japan Restoration Party 3 (2)
Komeito 4 (3)
Party for Future Generations 0 (0)
Japan Communist Party 5 (3)
People’s Life Party 0(0)
Social Democratic Party 1 (1)
Genki Party 0 (0)
Sunrise Party 0 (0)
New Renaissance Party 0 (0)
Other 0 (0)
Do not support a particular party 34 (37)
No answer/Do not know 10 (8)


LDP 18
Japan Restoration Party 2
Komeito 3
Party for Future Generations 0
Japan Communist Party 3
People’s Life Party 0
Social Democratic Party 3
Genki Party 0
Sunrise Party 0
New Renaissance Party 0
Other 1
Do not support a particular party 47
No answer/Do not know 18


6) Do you think PM Abe’s economic policies will improve the Japanese economy?

Yes 36
No 40


7) Do you think PM Abe’s economic policies will increase wages and reduce the unemployment rate?

Yes 31
No 50


8) Judging by your own experience, do you believe the economy has recovered since PM Abe took office?

Yes 19
No 75


9) Do you support the relocation of Futenma Air Base to Henoko, Nago city?

Nationwide Okinawa
Yes 30 22
No 41 63


10) What is the most preferable solution to the Futenma issue?

Nationwide Okinawa
Relocate the base within Okinawa 27 15
Relocate the base to the mainland 15 20
Relocate the base overseas 45 59


11) PM Abe is moving forward with plans to relocate the Futenma Air Base to Henoko. Do you support PM Abe’s response to the Futenma relocation issue?

Nationwide Okinawa
Yes 25 18
No 55 73


12) Governor Onaga of Okinawa opposes the Henoko relocation, and working to halt preparations. Do you support him?

Nationwide Okinawa
Yes 54 70
No 28 19


13) On April 17th, PM Abe and Governor Onaga met for the first time to discuss the Futenma issue. Do you support these talks?

Nationwide Okinawa
Yes 68 70
No 16 15



14) Do you think U.S. bases are necessary to ensure Japan’s national security?

Nationwide Okinawa
Yes 20 10
Somewhat 49 43
Not so necessary 20 27
No 5 15




15) PM Abe argues that “relocation to Henoko is the only possible solution” to the Futenma issue. Do you agree with this statement?

Nationwide Okinawa
Yes 29 19
No 53 72



16) 74% of American military bases and facilities are located in Okinawa. Do you find it strange that Okinawa is forced to bear a greater burden than the mainland? Or do you find that this burden cannot be helped, for geographical and historical reasons?

Nationwide Okinawa
Yes, it is strange 45 67
It can’t be helped 43 26



17) Asked only to Okinawa residents: Do you support Governor Onaga?

Yes 70
No 16



18) Asked only to Okinawa residents: Do you believe PM Abe takes the opinions of Okinawans into account, with regard to the Futenma issue?

Yes 11
No 77



19) Asked only to Okinawa residents: How important are U.S. bases to Okinawa’s economy?

Very important 9
Somewhat important 41
Not very important 32
Not important 14



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