Asahi Shimbun/Dong-A Ilbo June 2010 Joint Public Opinion Poll (10-21)

Dates Conducted

Japanese Poll: Surveys were mailed out April 20 and by May 25 Asahi Shimbun had received 2,392 responses (conducted by Asahi Shimbun), South Korean Poll: June 3, 2010 (conducted by Dong-A Ilbo)

Date Released

June 10, 2010 (Morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun)


Japanese Poll:

3,000 voters were chosen nationwide and surveys conducted via mailing.  Subjects were selected using a two-stage stratified random sampling method. To reflect a microcosm of voters nationwide, 339 voting districts were selected and an average of nine voters were chosen from each district.  The surveys were mailed out on April 20 and by May 25 received a total of 2,392 responses.  When surveys containing a large number of non-responses and completed by subjects other than intended were removed, the total valid responses was 2,347 and a 78% response rate. 46% were male respondents and 54% were female.  Age distribution: 20% were in their 20s, 17% in their 30s, 15% in their 40s, 18% in their 50s, 20% in their 60s, 12% in their 70s, and 7% in their 80s.

South Korean Poll: 

Conducted by Dong-A Ilbo through a private research organization.  Men and women over the age of 19 were selected nationwide and the survey was conducted on June 3 by telephone.  1,000 valid responses were received. 44% were male respondents and 56% were female.  Age distribution: 11% were under 30, 17% were in their 30s, 24% were in their 40s, and 48% were in their 50s.


All numbers are percentages.  Decimals were rounded up.


Q1. Exactly 100 years ago in 1910 Japan annexed Korea and Korea was under colonial rule until 1945.  Were you aware or not of this?

Japan South Korea
Was aware 73 -
Was not aware 26 -


Q2.  Do you like, hate or feel neither towards South Korea ?

Japan South Korea
Like 18 -
Hate 10 -
Neither 71 -


Q3.  To what extent do you feel an affinity with South Korea ( Japan )?  Please choose one from the following:

Japan South Korea
Very familiar 7 9
Somewhat familiar 48 33
Not very familiar 34 42
Not familiar 10 13

Q4.  Do you think current relations between Japan and South Korea are going well or not well?

Japan South Korea
Going well 33 29
Not well 57 56

Q5.  Do you think Japan-South Korean relations will in the future develop positively, negatively or not change?

Japan South Korea
Positively 30 39
Negatively 4 7
Not change 62 49

Q6.  Do you think Japan ’s colonial rule and other historical problems have been settled or not settled?

Japan South Korea
Settled 39 3
Not settled 52 94

Q7.  Do you think Japan has sufficiently apologized for the annexation and colonization of the Korean Peninsula ?

Japan South Korea
Sufficiently apologized 55 1
Not sufficiently apologized 30 97

Q8.  Do you think it is necessary or not necessary for Japan to review compensation for victims of colonial rule?

Japan South Korea
Necessary to review 30 89
No necessary to review 57 8


Q9.  Postwar, a visit by the emperor to South Korea has not materialized.  Are you for or against a visit to South Korea by the emperor?

Japan South Korea
For 62 -
Against 22 -


Q10.  What are your thoughts on the Japanese emperor visiting South Korea ?  Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
In favor - 59
Is premature - 31


Q11.  Are you for or against allowing foreigners living in Japan , including Koreans, the right to vote in local elections?

Japan South Korea
For 49 -
Against 43 -


Q12.  Both Japan and South Korea have claimed sovereignty over Terashima in the Japan Sea .  Do you think the Terashima issue should be resolved quickly or is it not necessary to rush into a settlement?

Japan South Korea
Should reach a settlement quickly 47 -
Not necessary to rush into a settlement 46 -

Q13.  Do you think South Korea is on par or not with Japan in the areas of industry and trade?

Japan South Korea
On par 47 41
Not on par 46 55

Q14.  There is an idea to create an “East Asian Community” to strengthen cooperation in areas of trade, finance, and policy amongst Japan , South Korea , China , and Southeast Asian countries.  Do you support or not support this idea of an “East Asian Community?”

Japan South Korea
Support 58 -
Do not support 31 -


Q15.  Of the following four countries, with which country should Japan ( South Korea ) emphasize relations with most?  Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
United States 58 49
China 26 26
South Korea(Japan) 6 4
North Korea 2 18


Q16.  Of the following four countries, which country poses the biggest threat to Japan ( South Korea )?  Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
United States 10 8
China 57 37
South Korea(Japan) 2 8
North Korea 26 45

Q17.  Which area is most important in deepening mutual understanding between Japan and South Korea ?  Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
Cooperation in areas of economy and technology 44 -
Human flows such as studying abroad 15 -
Cultural/sports exchanges 15 -
Joint study of history 11 -
Review of apology and compensation 9 -


Q18.  This year marks the 100th year since Japan ’s forced annexation of Korea.  What do you think is most needed in the next century for both South Korea and Japan ?  Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
An apology that will satisfy the Korean people - 27
Improve awareness ofJapanthrough comprehensive engagement withSouth Korea - 5
Joint research to match the perception of history - 21
Educate future generations on the history of the past - 21
Expansion of wide-ranging exchanges between the people ofSouth KoreaandJapan - 21


Q19.  Currently, Japan does not have diplomatic relations with North Korea .  Do you think it is better or not for Japan to have diplomatic relations with North Korea ?

Japan South Korea
Better to have diplomatic relations 12 -
Better not to have diplomatic relations 82 -


Q20.  Currently, the Korean peninsula is divided into two countries, South Korea and North Korea .  Do you think in the future the two countries will be united or not?

Japan South Korea
Will be united 28 -
Will not be united 67 -


Q21.  To what extent does North Korea ’s nuclear program make you uneasy?  Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
Very uneasy 54 24
Somewhat uneasy 36 53
Not very uneasy 8 -
Not uneasy 2 -
Do not feel uneasy - 21


Q22.  To what extent is it necessary for South Korea and Japan to cooperate in resolving the North Korean nuclear issue? Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
Cooperation is necessary - 39
Somewhat requires cooperation - 49
Cooperation is not necessary - 8


Q23.  Do you support or not humanitarian aid to North Korea such as food aid by the international community?

Japan South Korea
Support 27 -
Do not support 61 -


Q24.  How frequently do you consume South Korean (Japanese) ingredients or cuisine on a regular basis?  Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
Frequently 7 3
Somewhat frequently 40 40
Not very frequently 39 38
Never 12 19


Q25.  In recent years, movies, dramas, and South Korean (Japanese) pop culture have been introduced to Japan ( South Korea ).  How frequently do you watch South Korean (Japanese) movies or dramas?  Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
Frequently 9 4
Somewhat frequently 23 20
Not very frequently 34 36
Never 33 41


Q26.  Who do you think of when you think of someone South Korean?  Please answer with one name. ( Japan only)

BaeYong Joon 23
Kim Yu-na 11
KimDae-jung 10
ChoiJi-woo 5
LeeByung-hun 5
LeeMyung-bak 2
Tohoshinki 1
RheeSyngman 1
Lee Young-ae 1
ParkJi-Sung 1
LeeSeung-Yeop 1
Yoon Son-ha 1
RohMoo-hyun 1
Other 13


Q27.  If you had the opportunity would you like to learn Korean, have you previously learnt Korean or do you not want to learn Korean?

Japan South Korea
Would like to learn Korean 26 -
Previously learnt Korean 4 -
Do not want to learn Korean 67 -


World Cup Soccer

Q28.  In June, the World Cup will take place in South Africa .  How far do you think the Japanese will make it in the tournament? Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
Will not pass the first stage 45 -
Will pass the first stage 27 -
Will make the quarter-finals 12 -
Will make the semi-finals 5 -
Will make the final 2 -
Will win 1 -

Q29.  How far do you think South Korea will make it in the World Cup?  Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
Will not pass the first stage - 9
Will pass the first stage - 56
Will make the quarter-finals - 17
Will make the semi-finals - 4
Will make the final - 3
Will win - 3


Q30.  How far do you think Japan will make it in the World Cup?  Please choose one:

Japan South Korea
Will not pass the first stage - 53
Will pass the first stage - 29
Will make the quarter-finals - 4
Will make the semi-finals - 1
Will make the final - 1
Will win - 0


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