Asahi Shimbun September 2011 Post-Earthquake Opinion Poll (6 months)

Key Issues
  • The extent of disaster relief effort of the past 6 months
  • Opinions about nuclear power plants
Dates Conducted

September 3, 4 2011

Date Released

September 10, 2011 (Morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun)


The poll was conducted by telephone September 3 to 4 with voters from across Japan (certain regions of Fukushima prefecture excluded) selected by the Asahi RDD method. The turnout was 56%, having received 1964 answers out of the original 3522 questioned.

Figures are in percentages. Decimals are rounded up.


Q1. Which political party do you currently support?

Democratic Party of Japan 20
Liberal Democratic Party 17
New Komeito 3
Japan Communist Party 2
Social Democratic Party 0
Your Party 1
People’s New Party 0
Sunrise Party of Japan 0
Genzei Nippon “Tax Cut Japan” 0
New Party Nippon 0
New Renaissance Party 0
Other 0
Do not support a particular party 49
No answer/ Don’t know 8


Q2. Do you support the government’s restoration efforts of the past 6 months?

Yes 18
No 67


Q3. Do you have high expectations of the Noda cabinet’s restoration efforts?

High expectations 51
Low expectations 25


Q4. Do you support the government’s efforts during the past 6 months concerning the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant?

Yes 11
No 78


Q5. Do you have high expectations of the Noda cabinet’s ability to tackle the problem facing the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant?

High expectations 45
Low expectations 30


Q6. How worried do you feel about the radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant affecting you and your relatives? (Select one)

Very worried 23
A little worried 42
Not very worried 28
Not worried 6


Q7. Do you check where the food you buy is produced because you are worried about the radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant?

Yes 48
No 50


Q8. Do you support the use of nuclear power plants?

Yes 34
No 45


Q9. Do you support the gradual decrease in the number of nuclear power plants, and the eventual discontinuation of the usage of nuclear power plants?

Yes 77
No 13


Q10. How much effort do you think the Noda cabinet should put in to create a society which is not dependent on nuclear energy? (Select one)

A lot of effort 59
Some effort 33
Not much effort 4
No effort at all 2


Q11. How much expectation do you have towards the Noda cabinet implementing a clean energy policy? (Select one)

A lot of expectations 8
Some expectations 44
Not much expectations 40
No expectations at all 4


Q12. Do you think that Prime Minister Noda will be able to effectively achieve leadership over assuring the security and safety of nuclear power plants?

Yes 38
No 39


Q13. Prime Minister Noda plans to restart operating nuclear power plants once has the consent of the local people and can guarantee its safety. Do you agree with this policy?

Yes 53
No 33


Q14. Japan is currently exporting nuclear power plant technology overseas. Do you agree with the continuation of this policy?

Yes 30
No 51


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