Asahi Shimbun September 2008 Special Opinion Poll (08-18)

Key Issues
  • Support for the Aso Cabinet
Dates Conducted

September 24 and 25, 2008

Date Released

September 26, 2008 (Morning Edition of the Asahi Shimbun)


The poll was conducted by telephone from the evening of September 24, after the announcement of the new cabinet members, through the evening of September 25 with voters from across Japan, whose telephone numbers were selected by a computer at random. Subjects were selected using a three-stage random sampling method (the Asahi RDD). The total number of those polled was 1,014, with a 56% response rate. Decimals were rounded up. The numbers in [ ] are the percentages of those polled as compared to the entire population of those who answered.  The numbers in (  ) are the results from a poll conducted on September 24 and 25, 2008.


Q1. The following questions concern the new Aso cabinet. Do you support the Aso Cabinet, or not?

Support 48%
Do not support 36%


SQ1. Why? Please select one of the following:  (The results in the left column are from the 48% who answered “support,” and the results in the right column are from the 36% who answered “do not support.”)

Mr. Aso is the prime minister 37% [18] 9% [3]
The cabinet is primarily composed of LDP members 21% [10] 54% [20]
Policies of the cabinet 23% [11] 22% [8]
Ministers in the cabinet 13% [6] 12% [4]


Q2. Which political party do you currently support? (The figures in parentheses are the results of a survey conducted on September 10 and 11, 2008.)

Liberal Democratic Party 34% (20)
Democratic Party of Japan 23% (19)
Komeito 3% (2)
Japan Communist Party 2% (2)
Social Democratic Party 1% (1)
The People’s New Party 0% (0)
The New Party of Japan 0% (0)
Other 0% (0)
Do not support any party 32% (40)

Q3. Do you think that Mr. Aso has the ability to follow through?

Yes 54%
No 28%

Q4. Do you think that Mr. Aso is a politician whose sensibilities are fairly close to the people’s, or not?

Close to the people’s sensibilities 32%
Not close to the people’s sensibilities 54%


Q5. Has Mr. Aso’s inauguration as prime minister changed your impression of the LDP for the better, for the worse, or not at all?

For the better 15%
For the worse 7%
Not much change 75%


Q6. Prime Minister Aso has declared that he will place a priority on economic measures, even if that means delaying the goal of financial reconstruction. Do you agree with the prime minister’s stance, or are you opposed to it?

Agree 64%
Opposed 18%

Q7. If the general election were being held today, which party would you vote for in your proportional-representation district? Please answer with the party’s name. (The figures in parentheses are the results of a survey conducted on September 2 and 3, 2008.)

Liberal Democratic Party 36% (29)
Democratic Party of Japan 32% (32)
Komeito 4% (4)
Japan Communist Party 4% (3)
Social Democratic Party 1% (2)
The People’s New Party 0% (1)
The New Party of Japan 0% (0)
Other 1% (0)


Q6. Do you think that it would be best for the administration to continue to be centered on the LDP? Or do you think that there should be a changing of the guard, to an administration centered on the Democratic Party of Japan? (The figures in parentheses are the results of the survey conducted on September 2 and 3, 2008.)

Administration centered on the LDP 39% (32)
Administration centered on the DPJ 40% (41)


Q7. Comparing Prime Minister Aso and DPJ President Ozawa, which do you think is more suited to be prime minister?

Mr. Aso 54%
Mr. Ozawa 26%

Q8. Do you think that occasional changes of administration, in which the ruling and opposition parties switch positions, would be good for Japanese politics, or not?

Good 73%
Not good 21%


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