Asahi Shimbun Regular Public Opinion Poll Released October 17, 2011

Key Issues
  • Prime Minister Noda
  • Tax Increase
  • Reducing Government Payroll
  • Brownout
Dates Conducted

October 15 and 16, 2011

Date Released

October 17, 2011 (Morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun)


The poll was conducted by telephone on October 15 and 16 with voters from across Japan (except a portion of Fukushima), whose telephone numbers were selected by a computer at random. Subjects were selected using a three-stage random sampling method (the Asahi RDD). The total number of those polled was 3,158, with 1,867 responses and a 59% response rate.

Decimals were rounded up.  The questions with ◆ marks are questions for everyone. The questions with ◇ are branching questions, and the numbers with them are the ratio to the participants who answered the questions. The numbers in 〈 〉 are the ratio to the whole.


Q1.◆ Do you support or not support the Noda cabinet?  (Numbers in the parentheses are the results from the Sept 4 poll)

Support 48% (53)
Do not support 26% (18)

Q2. ◇ Why? Choose one. (The numbers on the left are the reasons from the supporting 48%, on the right from the not-supporting 26%)

Because Mr. Noda is the Prime Minister 32%〈15〉 1%〈0〉
Because the administration is centered around the DPJ 17%〈8〉 27%〈7〉
Because of the polices 20%〈9〉 30%〈8〉
Because of the ability to get things done 19%〈9〉 38%〈10〉

Q3. ◆ Which political party do you currently support? (The numbers in the parentheses are the results from September 4 poll)

Democratic Party of Japan 25% (20)
Liberal Democratic Party 17% (17)
New Komeito 2% (3)
Japan Communist Party 1% (2)
Social Democratic Party 1% (0)
Your Party 2% (1)
The People’s New Party 0% (0)
The Sunrise Party of Japan 0% (0)
The New Party Nippon 0% (0)
New Renaissance Party 0% (0)
Other party 0% (0)
Do not support any party 45% (49)
No answer/Do not know 5% (8)

Q4. ◆ What kind of expectations do you have about the performance of  Noda's Prime Ministry? (Choose one)

High expectation 14%
Some expectation 48%
Little expectation 28%
None at all 8%

Q5. ◆ For the restoration of areas affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, the government finalized its proposal on tax increases, focusing on income tax and corporation tax.  Do you agree on this plan by the government?

Agree 40%
Disagree 49%

Q6. ◆ Regarding the tax increases for the restoration, a tax of 2 JPY per cigarette is being considered. Do you agree on the tax increase on cigarettes?

Agree 63%
Disagree 29%

Q7. ◆ Aside from the tax increase for the earthquake restoration, the government is planning to raise the consumption tax in stages to 10% by the mid-2010s in order to finance social security. Do you agree on the gradual 10% tax increase on consumption for social security?

Agree 45%
Disagree 46%

Q8. ◆ How do you view the DPJ’s efforts to curtail the futility of public administration so far? (Choose one)

I acknowledge their efforts 2%
I acknowledge their efforts to some degree 31%
I hardly acknowledge their efforts 47%
I do not acknowledge their efforts at all 18%

Q9. ◆ Some people feel that if taxes are going to increase then there should be a precondition that the number of the Diet members and their remunerations should be reduced as well. Do you agree with this this opinion?

Agree 91%
Disagree 5%

Q10.  ◆ Some people feel that the payroll of the government officials should be greatly reduced by a premise to a tax increase. Do you agree with this opinion?

Agree 75%
Disagree 17%

Q11. ◆ This question concerns the political fund scandal of Ichiro Ozawa from the Democratic Party. Do you think Mr. Ozawa should have to explain his political fund scandal at the Diet or is it enough for him to explain it in court?

Diet 60%
Court is enough 30%

Q12.  ◆ Do you agree on utilizing nuclear power generation?

Agree 34%
Disagree 48%

Q13.  ◆ How inconvenienced did you feel by this past summer's brownout in companies and households? (Choose one)

Very much 3%
Some 20%
Not much 51%
Not at all 26%

Q14.  ◆ How determined were you on saving electricity this past summer? (Choose one)

Very much 21%
To some degree 62%
Not much 14%
Not at all 3%

Q15.  ◆ Concerning the level of brownout from this past summer, do you consider continuing to save electricity regardless of electricity shortage? Or are you not concerned about electricity conservation?

I plan on continuing electricity conservation 86%
I plan on living without paying attention to saving electricity 9%


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