Asahi Shimbun Regular Public Opinion Poll (8/24/13)

Key Issues
  • Support for Prime Minister Abe
  • Domestic politics related to consumption tax
  • Yasukuni Shrine
  • Tokyo Bid for Olympics
Dates Conducted

August 24th and 25th, 2013

Date Released

August 26th, 2013


On the 24th and 25th the investigators used the “Asahi RDD” method—calling numbers that were made randomly by the computer—and investigated with all the voters in Japan as subjects (with exception to some areas in Fukushima prefecture). There were 3269 numbers that were for households, and 1658 people answered. Percentage of reply is 51%.


(The numbers are %. The decimal places are rounded. Some parts of the question and answers are omitted. ◆ is question for everyone. ◇ is the ratio of the answerers who corresponded with a branch off question. The numbers inside the〈 〉are overall ratios. The numbers inside the parentheses are results from July 22nd and 23rd.)

Q1. ◆Do you support the Abe administration or not.

Yes 55 (54)
No 27 (26)


Q1. a) ◇Why so? (Answered from choices= multiple choice. The reasons for left as “support” 55%, right as “not support” 27%)

The Prime Minister is Abe 13 (7) 8 (2)
The administration is mainly LDP 24 (13) 31 (9)
Because of the policy 44 (25) 48 (13)
For some reason not disclosed 16 (9) 11 (3)


Q2. ◆Right now, which party do you support?

Liberal Democratic Party 38 (39)
Democratic Party  Japan 6 (7)
Japan Restoration Party 2 (3)
New Komeito Party 3 (4)
Your Party 2 (4)
Communist 2 (4)
People’s Life Party 0 (0)
Socialist Democratic Party 1 (0)
Green Wind 0 (0)
New Party Daichi 0 (0)
New Renaissance Party 0 (0)
Other Parties 1 (0)
Independent 40 (31)
No Answer/ Do not know 5 (8)


Q3. ◆With Prime Minister Abe’s economic policy, can you expect, or not expect for Japan’s economy to grow?

Expect to grow  46
Do not expect to grow  34


Q4. ◆With Prime Minister Abe’s economic policy, do you think it will lead to increase of wage and employment?

Yes 35 (35)
No 47 (41)


Q5. ◆Do you approve or oppose the consumption tax being raised to 8% next year, and 10% the year after?

Approve 43 (30)
Oppose 49 (58)


Q6. ◆Instead of raising the tax to 8% next year and then to 10% the year after, there is an alternative plan of raising the tax by 1% every year until it reaches to 10%. Do you think this alternative plan is good or bad?

Good 34
Bad 51


Q7.◆By raising the consumption tax, how worried are you that this will affect the economy in a bad way. (Multiple choice)

Very worried 18
Worried 59
Not really worried 19
Not worried at all 2


Q8. ◆By not raising the consumption tax, how worried are you that this will affect social security in a bad way?

Very worried 24
Worried 49
Not really worried 19
Not worried at all 3


Q9. ◆This is a question about the right of collective self-defense. The right of collective self-defense is, when an ally country like the U.S. is attacked, even if Japan is not attacked, Japan will see this attack as an attack to Japan as well and fight together. Up until now, the government has interpreted that Japan cannot use the right of collective self-defense based on the constitution. Do you agree or disagree to changing the interpretation of the constitution and allow the use of the right of collective self-defense?

Agree 27
Disagree 59


Q10. ◆On August 25 when WWII ended, Prime Minister Abe did not visit the Yasukuni Shrine. Do you think it was appropriate for him not to visit, or not appropriate.

Appropriate 63
Not appropriate 20


Q11. ◆Even though Prime Minister Abe did not visit Yasukuni Shrine on August 15th, three ministers did. Do you think it was appropriate for these three ministers to visit Yasukuni Shrine or not?

Appropriate 41
Not Appropriate 37


Q12. ◆At the ceremony on August 15th for those who died in the war, Prime Minister Abe, unlike these past 20 years, did not mention that Japan has done harm to the other Asian countries. Do you think this was appropriate or not?

Appropriate 40
Not Appropriate 40


Q13. ◆China and ROK are criticizing that Prime Minister Abe did not mention that Japan has done harm to the Asian countries, and that the three ministers visited Yasukuni Shrine. Do you think the Abe administration should pay special attention to this and take this criticism greatly into account?

Yes 34
No 52


Q14. ◆Tokyo is one of the candidates for the 2020 Olympics. Do you support the Olympics being held in Tokyo or not?

Support 74
Do not support 17


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