Asahi Shimbun Regular Public Opinion Poll (11/12/13)

Key Issues
  • Support for Prime Minister Abe
  • Special Secrecy Law
  • Japan’s participation in the TPP
Dates Conducted

November 9th and 10th, 2013

Date Released

November 12th, 2013


Polling for both 9th and 10th were conducted using the “Asahi RDD” method, in which pollsters dialed numbers randomly selected by a computer. The poll targeted all electorates nationwide (not including certain districts of Fukushima). 3416 were house phones, and the number of valid results was 1751 (51%).


Numbers indicate percentages. Decimal points are rounded. Some questions and answers have been omitted. ◆ indicates questions asked to all participants. ◇ indicate follow-up questions. Numbers in <> indicate the percentage of all respondents. Numbers in () indicate poll results from October 5th and 6th.

Q1. ◆ Do you support the Abe cabinet?

Support 53 (56)
Do not support 25 (24)


Q1. a) ◇ Please give a reason for your answer. (Select one option. Numbers on the left represents the 53% of people who answered yes, whilst the numbers on the right represent the 25% of people who answered no).

Abe is the Prime Minister 12 <6> 7 <2>
It is an LDP led cabinet 20 <10> 20 <5>
Policy 44 <24> 58 <14>
No particular reason 22 <12> 12 <3>


Q2. ◆ Which political party do you currently support?

Liberal Democratic Party 36 (40)
Democratic Party of Japan 5 (5)
Japan Restoration Party 2 (1)
New Komeito 3 (3)
Your Party 2 (1)
Japan Communist Party 2 (2)
People’s Life Party 0 (0)
Social Democratic Party 1 (1)
Green Wind 0 (0)
New Party Daichi 0 (0)
New Renaissance Party 0 (0)
Other 0 (0)
Do not support a particular party 42 (42)
Do not want to answer/ Don’t know 7 (5)


Q3. ◆ Do you support the gradual decrease of dependence on nuclear power, and to discontinue its use in the future?

Yes 72
No 15


Q5. ◆ Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is stating towards the government and LDP that we should strive for the discontinuation of nuclear power plants. Do you support Mr. Koizumi’s statement?

Yes 60
No 25


Q6. ◆ Are you fine with the government using taxpayers’ money to finance the decontamination efforts at Fukushima instead of TEPCO?

Yes 48
No 40


Q7. ◆ The ”Special Secrecy Law” imposes harsher punishment on anybody leaking state secrets related to diplomacy or security issues, in order to prevent the leaking of state secrets. On the other hand, there is a possibility that this law will enable the state to hide inconvenient truths, and will restrict the right to know of citizens. Do you agree with the Special Secrecy Law?

Yes 30
No 42


Q8. ◆ How afraid are you that the types of information covered under the Special Secrecy Law will expand? (Select one)

Very afraid 19
Somewhat afraid 49
Not very afraid 22
Not afraid at all 5


Q9. ◆ The Abe administration plans to pass the Special Secrecy Law during the current diet session. Do you think it is necessary to pass the law during the current session?

Yes 20
No 64


Q10. ◆ Do you support Japan’s participation in the TPP?

Yes 52
No 25


Q11. ◆ The Abe administration is planning to remove tariffs from several of the 586 items listed under the “5 Critical Items” (rice, wheat, dairy products, beef and pork, sugar). Do you support the removal of tariffs from these items?

Yes 46
No 28


Q12. ◆ How much do you pay attention to the origin of ingredients used in restaurants?

A great deal of attention 14
A medium degree of attention 40
Do not pay much attention 36
Do not pay any attention at all 8


Q13. ◆ Restaurants in hotels and department stores nationwide have been found to have been using ingredients which were different from that stated on the menu. Are you convinced by their explanation that they did not intend to deceive consumers?

Yes 8
No 87


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