Asahi Shimbun Regular Public Opinion Poll (11/11/2014)

Key Issues
  • Support for Prime Minister Abe
  • Support for consumption tax increase
  • Views on restarting nuclear power plants
Dates Conducted

November 8 - 9, 2014

Date Released

November 11, 2014


From November 8 to 9, researcher called numbers nationwide(excluding certain districts in Fukushima)arbitrary formulated by the computer, also known as the “Asahi RDD” method. Out of numbers formulated by the computer. 3899 sets of numbers turned out to be valied home phone numbers. There were 1898 valid responses; therefore the response rate was 49%. (Indicated numbers are in percentages. Decimal places are rounded off. Some questions and answers are omitted. Numbers within the parentheses are results from October 25 to 25, 2014.)


Do you support Abe cabinet or not?

Yes 42(49)
No 36(30)


Why do you think so? (Chose one answer from the following options. Left side shows the reason of people who support Abe cabinet and right side shows the reason of people who not support Abe cabinet.)

Prime Minister Abe 18(8) 9(3)
LDP’s occupation of cabinet 23(10) 17(6)
Policies 38 38 (16) 64(23)
I’m not sure 18(8) 8(3)


(To those who support Abe cabinet) Do you think you would support Abe cabinet in the future or not?

I will support Abe cabinet 42(17)
I am not sure I will support Abe cabinet 55(23)


(To those who not support Abe cabinet)Do you think you would not support Abe cabinet in the future of not?

I will not support Abe cabinet 59(22)
I am not sure I will not support Abe cabinet 35(13)



Which party do you currently support?

LDP 33(37)
DPJ 6(6)
Japan Restoration Party 1(1)
Komeito 2(3)
New generation’s Party 0(0)
Your Party 0(0)
Japan Communist Party 2(2)
People’s life Party 0(0)
Social Democratic Party 1(1)
New Party Daichi 0(0)
Sunrise Party 0(0)
New Renaissance Party 0(0)
Other 0(0)
Do not support a particular party 48(43)
No answer/Do not know 7(7)


Have PM Abe’s economic policies improved your daily life?

Improved 4
Not Improved 28
Not changed 66


Do you agree or disagree about rising consumption tax in October, next year?

Agree 24(22)
Disagree 67(71)


Do you think in this moment government could raise the consumption tax or not?

Government could rise 16
Government could not rise 71


To what extent do you feel concerns that if government would raise the consumption tax, it would give bad effect to economy?

Greatly 27
Somewhat 57
Not really 11
Not at all 2


To what extent do you feel concerned that if government does not raise consumption tax, it would negatively affect social security?

Greatly 18
Somewhat 48
Not really 24
Not at all 6


Do you agree or disagree about introducing reduction tax rate to daily necessities like foods when consumption tax rate would be raised?

Agree 79
Disagree 14


Given the consumption tax increase from 5 percent to 8 percent implemented from April, to what extent it has impacts on your family budget?

Greatly 18
Somewhat 54
Not really 23
Not at all 4


Regarding nuclear plant, do you agree or disagree about restarting of Sendai nuclear power plant which locates in Kagoshima prefecture?

Agree 31
Disagree 52


When nuclear power plant would be restarted, do you think government should get agreements from only local town, city and prefecture government or should get agreement from all towns, cities and prefectures locate within 30km from nuclear power plant?(As a low, within 30km from nuclear plant, local government should make people’s emergency evacuation plan when nuclear plant would be constructed)

From local town, city and prefecture’s government 14
From all towns, cities and prefectures’ government locate within 30km from nuclear power plant 72


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