Asahi Shimbun Regular Public Opinion Poll (08/29/14)

Key Issues  
  • Support for Prime Minister Abe
  • Views on increasing female workers in corporations and governments
  • Views on prenatal diagnosis
Dates Conducted

August 23rd to August 24th, 2014

Date Released

August 26th and 29th, 2014


From August 23rd to August 24th, researchers called numbers nationwide (excluding certain districts in Fukushima) arbitrary formulated by the computer, also known as the “Asahi RDD” method. Out of the numbers formulated by the computer, 3433 sets of numbers turned out to be valid home phone numbers. There were 1581 valid responses; therefore the response rate was 46%.  (Indicated numbers are in percentages. Decimal places are rounded off. Some questions and answers are omitted. Numbers within the parenthesis are results from July 26th to July 27th.)


Q1. ◆  Do you support the Abe Cabinet?

Yes 42(42)
No 35(36)


Q1. a) ◇What is your reasoning? (Participants chose their reasoning from a selection of answers. Answers on the left represent the 42% who support the cabinet, and those on the left represent the 35% who are opposed.)

The Prime Minister is Mr. Abe 14(6) 7(3)
LDP-centered cabinet 17(7) 15(5)
Policy Aspect 48(20) 70(24)
Just Because 18(8) 7(2)


Q1. b)◇(To those who support the Abe Cabinet) Will you continue to support the Abe Cabinet?

Will continue to support 42(18)
Will not necessarily continue to support 52(22)


Q1. c) ◇(To those who do not support the Abe Cabinet) Will you continue not to support the Abe Cabinet?

Will continue not to support 60(21)
There are chances to support the Abe Cabinet 34(12)


Q2. ◆  Which party do you currently support?

Liberal Democratic Party 34(33)
Democratic Party Japan 6(5)
Japan Restoration Party 1(1)
Komeito 2(3)
The Party for Future Generations 0(-)
Your Party 0(0)
Unity Party 0(0)
Japan Communist Party 2(2)
People’s Life Party 0(0)
Social Democratic Party 1(1)
New Party Daichi 0(0)
New Renaissance Party 0(0)
Other 0(0)
Do not support a particular party 45(50)
No answer/Do not know 9(5)


Q3. ◆  The Japanese government has set it a goal that women dominate 30% of leading positions both at corporations and governments by year 2020. Do you favor this goal the government has set?

Yes 26
Lean yes 53
Lean no 14
No 2


Q4. ◆  Will you feel uncomfortable having a female being your boss?

Yes 14
No 82


Q5. ◆  What do you think will be a biggest obstacle to increase the number of female workers positioning headships?

Maintaining a balance between family life and career 46
Individuals’ motivations and aptitude 28
Companies’ attitude/approach 22


Q6. ◆  Do you think this policy Prime Minister Abe has set will lead to realize a pleasant working environment for female workers?

Yes 38
No 44


Q7. ◆  A question regarding surrogacy. Surrogacy has been prohibited in Japan, however, some people who wish to do so go abroad to carry it out. Do you think surrogacy should be allowed in Japan?

Yes 42
No 42


Q8. ◆  It is now becoming possible to know any potential diseases by examining genes. To what extent are you interested in these technology?

Greatly 32
Somewhat 48
Not really 15
Not at all 3


Q9. ◆ Examining genes will be useful for prophylaxis of lifecycle-related disease or early detection of cancer. On the other hand, however, it may also find incurable diseases. Do you want to have this examination?

Yes 52
No 41


Q10. ◆  It has been possible to examine mother’s blood to see the possibility of having diseases or disorder of baby. However, it is said that mothers who choose not to give a birth will increase because of the possibility of those potential diseases or disorders. Do you think the prenatal diagnosis should be spread?

Yes 47
No 32


Q11. ◆ While examining genes will lead to advances in medical treatment, it has been pointed out that it may cause discriminations at times of being employed or buying insurance. Are you more hopeful or anxious about the progress of technology in examining genes?

Hopeful 45
Anxious 42


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