Asahi Shimbun Regular Public Opinion Poll (07/29/14)

Key Issues
  • Support for Prime Minister Abe
  • Support for Prime Minister Abe's foreign and economic policies
  • Views on nuclear power plants
Dates Conducted

July 26th to July 27th, 2014

Date Released

July 29th, 2014


From July 26th to July 27th, researchers called numbers nationwide (excluding certain districts in Fukushima) arbitrary formulated by the computer, also known as the “Asahi RDD” method. Out of the numbers formulated by the computer, 3521 sets of numbers turned out to be valid home phone numbers. There were 1590 valid responses; therefore the response rate was 45%.  (Indicated numbers are in percentages. Decimal places are rounded off. Some questions and answers are omitted. Numbers within the parenthesis are results from July 4th to July 5th.)



Q1. ◆  Do you support the Abe Cabinet?

Yes 42(44)
No 36(33)


Q1. a) ◇Why is a reason for your answer above? (Choose one reason from the options. Left indicates the answer of 42% who support Right indicates the answer of 36% who does not support)

Supporters Opponents
Because the Prime Minister is Mr. Abe 15(6) 5(2)
Because LDP is dominant in the cabinet 18(7) 20(7)
Because of the policies 47(20) 66(24)
With no specific reason 17(7) 6(2)


Q1. b)◇(To those who support the Abe Cabinet) Will you continue to support the Abe Cabinet?

Will continue to support 43(18)
Will not necessarily continue to support 53(22)


Q1. c) ◇(To those who do not support the Abe Cabinet) Will you continue not to support the Abe Cabinet?

Will continue not to support 61(22)
There are chances to support the Abe Cabinet 34(12)


Q2. ◆ Which party do you currently support?

Liberal Democratic Party 33(35)
Democratic Party Japan 5(4)
Japan Restoration Party 1(1)
Komeito 3(3)
Your Party 0(0)
Unity Party 0(0)
Japan Communist Party 2(2)
People’s Life Party 0(0)
Social Democratic Party 1(1)
New Party Daichi 0(0)
New Renaissance Party 0(0)
Other 0(0)
Do not support a particular party 50(46)
No answer/Do not know 5(8)


Q3. ◆ Are you satisfied with the foreign and security policy Prime Minister Abe takes?

Yes 38
No 40


Q4. ◆  Are you satisfied with the economic policy Prime Minister Abe takes?

Yes 45
No 35


Q5. ◆  The Abe Cabinet has considered about lowering of the corporate tax rate. Do you favor a lowering of the corporate tax rate?

Yes 39
No 38


Q6. ◆  Given the consumption tax increase from 5% to 8% implemented from April, to what extent it has impacts on your family budget?

Greatly 18
Somewhat 54
Not really 23
Not at all 4


Q7. ◆ Do you favor the idea of increasing the consumption tax rate to 10 % from October 2015?

Yes 27
No 64


Q8. ◆  Questions regarding nuclear electricity generation. Do you favor an idea of resuming Kawauchi nuclear power plant of Kyushu Electric Power Co, in Kagoshima?

Yes 23
No 59


Q9. ◆  Do you think the Japanese economy will be damaged unless nuclear power plants which have been terminated resume their functions?

Yes 42
No 43


Q10. ◆  Do you think nuclear power plants could be safe depending on technology and control in the future? Or, do you think there is a danger that goes beyond our control.

Yes, it can be safe 25
No. There is a danger that goes beyond our control 63


Q11. ◆ Do you think Prime Minister Abe sets nuclear policies applying lessons of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant?

Yes 19
No 61


Q12. ◆  To what extent do you care about the safety of fast food or food from convenient stores? (only select one)

Greatly 22
Somewhat 43
Not really 26
Not at all 6


Q13. ◆  Chinese food companies producing chicken nuggets for convenience stores or fast food had used time-expired chicken. Given that incident, do you prefer not to buy food from convenient stores or fast food?

Yes 64
No 23


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