Asahi Shimbun Regular Public Opinion Poll (06/23/14)

Key Issues
  • Support for Prime Minister Abe
  • Support for Abe's economic and foreign policies
  • Japan's Collective Self-Defense
Dates Conducted

June 21st and 22nd, 2014

Date Released

June 23rd, 2014


On both June 21st and the 22nd, researchers called numbers arbitrary formulated by the computer, also known as the “Asahi RDD” method. The survey was done nationwide (excluding some parts of Fukushima prefecture). There were 3,458 sets of numbers that turned out to be valid home phone numbers, 1756 valid responses; therefore the response rate was 51%.

Numbers indicated are in percentages. The numbers are rounded to the nearest ones. Some of the questions and answers are omitted. Questions asked to all participants are indicated by ◆. Follow up questions are indicated by ◇. Numbers within 〈 〉represent its ratio to all the participants. Numbers within (   ) are results from May 24th and 25th.


Q1. ◆ Do you support the Abe Cabinet?

Yes 43 (49)
No 33 (30)


Q1.  a) ◇ What is your reasoning? (Participants were asked to choose one reason from a provided selection. Answers on the left represent the 43% who support the cabinet, and those on the right represent the 33% who are opposed.

Support Opposed
Abe is the PM 14〈6〉 6〈2〉
LDP-centered cabinet 18〈8〉 20〈7〉
Policy Aspects 43〈18〉 63〈21〉
No particular reason 22〈9〉 7〈2〉


Q1. b) ◇(For the 43% that answered they support Abe)Do you expect to continue to support Abe?

Will continue to support for foreseeable future 41 <18>
Won’t necessarily continue to support Abe 55 <23>


Q1. c) ◇(For the 33% that answered they do not support Abe)Do you expect to continue to oppose Abe?

Cannot foresee supporting Abe 57 <19>
Could end up supporting Abe 35 <12>


Q2. ◆Which party do you currently support?

Liberal Democratic Party 33 (37)
Democratic Party Japan 4 (5)
Japan Restoration Party 1 (1)
New Komeito 2 (3)
Your Party 1 (0)
Yuinotoh Party 0 (0)
Japan Communist Party 3 (2)
People’s Life Party 0 (0)
Social Democratic Party 0 (1)
Green Wind 0 (0)
New Party Daichi 0 (0)
New Renaissance Party 0 (0)
Others 1 (1)
Do not support a particular party 46 (44)
No answer/Do not know 9 (6)


Q3. ◆Do you support Abe’s economic policies?

Support 45
Do not support 31


Q4. ◆Do you think Abe’s economic policy is tied to wage increases and rising employment?

Yes 27
No 55


Q5. ◆ Do you support Abe’s social security policy?

Yes 23
No 50


Q6. ◆ Do you support Abe’s policies on energy and nuclear plants?

Yes 22
No 57


Q7. ◆ Do you support the foreign and security policies of Abe?

Yes 38
No 40


Q8. ◆ The right to collective self-defense is the right to fight with the Japanese close allies, such as the U.S., if those allies are attacked even if Japan itself is not under attack.  So far, the Japanese Government had interpreted the Constitution of Japan to not allow Japan to carry on the right to collective self-defense, but the Abe Administration plans to reinterpret the Constitution of Japan so that Japan can exercise the right to collective self-defense. Are you for or against for allowing the use of collective self-defense by changing the interpretation of the Constitution?

Yes 28
No 56


Q9. ◆ Prime Minister Abe plans to change the interpretation of the  constitution of Japan to allow the use the right to collective self-defense by the  Cabinet’s judgment and it is not based on discussions at the Diet and the nation’s approval. Do you think this way of proceeding is appropriate?

Appropriate 17 (18)
Inappropriate 67 (67)


Q10. ◆ Prime Minister Abe would like to change the interpretation of  the constitution quickly to allow for the use of collective self-defense. Do you think there has been enough debate surrounding the matter of collective self-defense?

There has been enough debate 9
There has not been enough debate 76


Q11. ◆ The United Nations can deem a country in violation of peace, and raise a multinational force or hand down sanction. Until now, Japan could not constitutionally participate in such operations which necessitates Japan to use the force. Are you for or against for Japan to be able to use the forces at U.N.’s collective security?

For 20
Against 65


Q12. ◆ The Abe cabinet is proposing lowering taxes on corporations. Do you support this?

Yes 37
No 38


Q13. ◆ The government is proposing a system where the wages will be based on work accomplished in lieu to hourly wages, which would allow the elimination of overtime pay. Do you support this?

Yes 25
No 53


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