Asahi Shimbun Regular Public Opinion Poll (01/20/2015)

Key Issues
  • Support for Prime Minister Abe
  • Views on improvements in Japan's economy
  • Views on lowering the voting age
Dates Conducted

January 17-18, 2015

Date Released

January 20, 2015


From January 17 to 18, researcher called numbers nationwide(excluding certain districts in Fukushima)arbitrary formulated by the computer, also known as the “Asahi RDD” method. Out of numbers formulated by the computer. 3862 sets of numbers turned out to be valid home phone numbers. There were 1890 valid responses; therefore the response rate was 49%. (Indicated numbers are in percentages. Decimal places are rounded off. Some questions and answers are omitted. Numbers within the parentheses are results from December 15 to 16, 2014.)


Do you support Abe cabinet?

Yes 42(43)
No 37(34)


Why is your reasoning? (Participants chose their reasoning from a selection of answers. Answers on the left represent the 42% who support the Abe cabinet, and numbers on the right represent the 37% who do not support the Abe cabinet)

Abe is the Prime Minister 10(4) 6(2)
LDP-centered cabinet 24(10) 26(9)
Policy aspect 42(17) 56(21)
Just because 20(8) 9(3)


(To those who support Abe cabinet) Will you continue to support the Abe cabinet?

Yes 42(17)
No 53(22)


(To those who do not support the Abe cabinet) Will you continue not to support the Abe cabinet?

Continue not to support 53 (20)
Might support the Abe cabinet 34(12)


Which party do you currently support?

LDP 33(35)
DPJ 9(7)
Japan Restoration Party 3(4)
Komeito 4(4)
Next generation’s Party 0(0)
Japan Communist Party 4(4)
People’s Life Party 0(0)
Social Democratic Party 1(1)
Genki Party 0(-)
Sunrise Party 0(-)
New Renaissance Party 0(0)
Other 1(0)
Do not support a particular party 38(33)
No answer/Do not know 7(12)


Do you expect that Japanese economy to improve under PM Abe’s policies?

Yes 36
No 42


During the past two years, do you think that Japanese economy has improved?

Yes 26
No 12
Same as two years before 51


During these two years, do you think that local economy has improved?

Yes 6
No 33
Same as two years before 53


Do you think PM Abe’s economic policies will improve local economy?

Yes 25
No 53


Do you want DPJ to get power again for competing with LDP?

Yes 61
No 30


Do you think DPJ should make a new party with other parties?

Yes 38
No 43


Do you agree with lowering voting age from 20 to 18?

Yes 45
No 41


Do you think that people have the abilities to select political parties and candidates appropriately at age 18?

Yes 46
No 40


Do you think that the younger generation’s voting rate would be improved if voting age is lowered from 20 to 18?

Yes, voting rate will be improved 30
No, voting rate will not be improved 58


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