Asahi Shimbun Public Opinion Poll (07/19/2015)

Key Issues
  • Support for the Abe Cabinet
  • Security Policy
  • Tokyo Olympics
Dates Conducted

July 18 to 19, 2015

Date Released

July 19, 2015


Researchers called eligible voters across the country (excluding certain districts in Fukushima) on July 18 and 19. The phone numbers were generated randomly using the “Asahi RDD” method. 2116 of the total computer-generated numbers represented valid home phone numbers. Out of this total, the response rate was 58% with 1228 valid responses.

Notes on poll information: Poll numbers are percentages. Decimals are rounded to the nearest whole number. Some questions and answers have been abbreviated. Numbers in parentheses are results from an earlier July 11-12, 2015 poll.


1) Do you support the Abe cabinet?

Yes 37 (39)
No 46 (42)

2) Which party do you currently support?

LDP 31 (32)
DPJ 9 (8)
Japan Restoration Party 3 (3)
Komeito 4 (4)
Japan Communist Party 4 (4)
Party for Future Generations 0 (1)
Social Democratic Party 1 (0)
People’s Life Party 0 (0)
Genki Party 0 (0)
New Renaissance Party 0 (0)
Other 0 (0)
Do not support a particular party 41 (38)
No answer/Do not know 7 (10)

3) We will now ask about the security bills which have been presented to the current Diet. Do you agree with the bills, which allow for the use of collective self-defense, and expand SDF activities abroad?

Yes 29 (26)
No 57 (56)

4) These security bills reinforced the LDP-Komeito coalition when they passed through the Lower House even without the participation of most opposing representatives. Do you think this LDP-Komeito coalition method was an appropriate way to conduct the Lower House vote?

Yes 17
No 69

5) Do you think that PM Abe has been courteous when addressing the public about the security bills?

Yes 13 (15)
No 72 (67)

6) Do you approve of how opposition parties have reacted to these bills?

Yes 21
No 55

7) The Abe administration aims to pass the new security bill in the Diet’s current term. Do you believe that it is necessary to pass the bills within the current term?

Yes 20 (19)
No 69 (66)

8) These security bills would expand the SDF's range of activities. Do you believe that such expansion would increase the risk of SDF entanglement in combat situations?

Yes 79
No 13

9) Do you believe that if the security bills become law, then they will enhance Japan's ability to deter foreign attacks?

Yes 35
No 42

10) PM Abe is attempting to legitimate collective defense by reinterpreting rather than amending the constitution. Do you think this method, which bypasses the formalities of amendment, is acceptable?

Yes 10
No 74

11) PM Abe announced that he would scrap plans to build a new, ¥252,000,000,000 stadium for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic events. Do you approve of this decision?

Yes 74
No 14


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