Asahi Shimbun November 2007 Opinion Polls (07-29)

Key Issues
  • Support for the Fukuda administration
  • Fukuda proposal for a LDP-DPJ coalition government
  • Dissolution of the House of Representatives, new election
  • Japanese Self-Defense Forces operations in the Indian Ocean
Dates Conducted

November 3 and 4, 2007

Date Released

November 5, 2007


The poll was conducted by telephone on November 3 and 4, 2007, of voters from across Japan, whose telephone numbers were selected by a computer at random. Subjects were selected using a three-stage random sampling method (the Asahi RDD). The total number of those polled was 2088, with a 59% response rate. The numbers in [ ] are the percentages of those polled as compared to the entire population of those who answered. The numbers in ( ) are the results from a poll conducted on October 13 and 14, 2007.


Q1. Do you support the Fukuda cabinet, or not?

Support 45%(47)
Do not support 34%(30)


SQ1. Why? (Please select one of the following.) (The results in the left column are those 45% who answered “support,” and the results in the right column are the 34% who answered “do not support.”)

Mr. Fukuda is the Prime Minister 24%[11] 5%[2]
The cabinet is primarily composed of LDP members 23%[11] 41%[14]
Policies of the cabinet 21%[10] 39%[13]
Just because 28%[12] 11%[4]


Q2. Which political party do you currently support?

Liberal Democratic Party 31%(32)
Democratic Party of Japan 24%(24)
Komeito 3%(3)
Japan Communist Party 2%(3)
Social Democratic Party 1%(1)
The People’s New Party 0%(0)
The New Party of Japan 0%(0)
Other 1%(0)
Do not support any party 32%(30)
No answer/do not know 6%(7)


Q3. During a meeting between the heads of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Japan, Prime Minister Fukuda proposed that preliminary discussions begin on the formation of an LDP-DPJ coalition government.  The DPJ was not receptive to the idea. Do you evaluate Mr. Fukuda’s proposal of a coalition government favorably, or negatively?

Favorably 36%
Negatively 48%


Q4. Do you evaluate the DPJ’s refusal to consider the coalition proposal positively, or negatively?

Favorably 53%
Negatively 29%


Q5. Do you think that the House of Representatives should be dissolved and a general election held as soon as possible? Or do you think that there is no need to rush?

As soon as possible 35%(32)
No need to rush 57%(60)


Q6. Warships from several countries, including the United States, are deployed in the Indian Ocean, to combat terrorist groups in Afghanistan. The legislation that allows the Self Defense Forces to support coalition warships, known as the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Act, expired on November 1, bringing an end to Self Defense Forces operations in the Indian Ocean. Do you feel that it is necessary for Self Defense Forces to resume operations in the Indian Ocean, or not?

Necessary 43%
Not necessary 41%


Q7. The government has submitted a new bill to replace the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Act. This bill is currently being considered by the Diet. If passed, it would limit the scope of Self Defense Forces operations in the Indian Ocean to the provision of fuel and water. The legislation would establish a one-year limit, and remove the requirement that the scope of operations be approved by the Diet. Do you support this legislation, or oppose it?

Support 35%
Oppose 43%


Q8. Do you think that the suspension of Self Defense Forces operations in the Indian Ocean adversely affects Japan’s international standing, or not?

Adversely affects 50%
Does not adversely affect 37%


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