Asahi Shimbun November 2007 Opinion Poll (07-30)

Key Issues
  • Raising the consumption tax
  • Redistribution of tax revenues from big cities to rural areas
  • Food labeling
Dates Conducted

November 3 and 4, 2007

Date Released

November 6, 2007


The poll was conducted by telephone on November 3 and 4, 2007, of voters from across Japan, whose telephone numbers were selected by a computer at random. Subjects were selected using a three-stage random sampling method (the Asahi RDD). The total number of those polled was 2088, with a 59% response rate. The numbers in [ ] are the percentages of those polled as compared to the entire population of those who answered.


Q1. The following question concerns the issue of taxes. Discussion of tax reform has centered, to a large extent, on an increase of the consumption tax. Do you think that raising the consumption tax is necessary, or not? (Numbers in the parentheses are the results from a poll conducted on July 7 and 8.)

Necessary 43%(40)
Not necessary 49%(51)


Q2. Some say that raising the consumption tax is necessary in order to establish a source of revenue for social security. Do you find this idea convincing, or not?

Convincing 36%
Not convincing 54%


Q3. There is a growing gap between tax revenue collected by local governments in big cities on the one hand, and rural areas on the other. Do you support the idea of establishing a new mechanism to redistribute a portion of big-city tax revenues to rural areas, or not?

Support 63%
Opposed 22%


Q4. The next question concerns food labeling. When you purchase food products, do you pay careful attention to quality-control labels showing place of origin, ingredients and expiration date, or do you not think about it?

Pay careful attention 80%
Do not think about it 19%


SQ1. For the 80% of people who answered “pay careful attention,” did you pay attention before, or did you start paying attention as a result of the improper-labeling issue that has occurred recently?

Paid attention before 85%[68]
As a result of the labeling issue 14%[11]


Q5. To what degree do you trust the labels on food products showing place of origin, ingredients and expiration date? (Please select one.)

To a large degree 8%
To a certain extent 66%
Not much 22%
Not at all 4%


Q6. In the future, will you purchase food products from a company that has labeled its products improperly, with deceptive ingredient labels and fraudulent expiration dates? (Please select one.)

Will purchase without hesitation 5%
Would purchase, depending on what steps the company takes 50%
Will try to avoid purchasing 32%
Will never purchase again 12%


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