Asahi Shimbun Nationwide Emergency Opinion Poll (12/08/13)

Key Issues
  • Passing of the Special Secrecy Law
Dates Conducted

December 7th, 2013

Date Released

December 8th, 2013


Polling was conducted on 7th December using the Asahi RDD method, in which pollsters dialed numbers randomly selected by a computer. The polls target electorates nationwide (not including certain parts of Fukushima). 3212 were house phones, and the number of valid responses was 1476 (46%)


Numbers are given in percentages. Decimal points are rounded. Some questions and answers have been omitted. Numbers in brackets represent results of polls conducted n 30th November and 1stDecember.

Q1. ◆ Do you support the Abe cabinet?

Yes 46 (49)
No 34 (30)


Q2. ◆ Which political party do you currently support?

Liberal Democratic Party 35 (36)
Democratic Party of Japan 6 (5)
Japan Restoration Party 1 (3)
New Komeito 3 (2)
Your Party 2 (2)
Japan Communist Party 3 (3)
People’s Life Party 0 (0)
Social Democratic Party 1 (0)
Green Wind 0 (0)
New Party Daichi 0 (0)
New Renaissance Party 0 (0)
Other 1 (0)
Do not support a particular party 39 (36)
Do not want to answer/ Don’t know 9 (13)


Q3. ◆ The LDP currently holds an overwhelming majority in the diet. Do you think that this is a good thing or a bad thing?

Good 19
Bad 68


Q4. ◆ Looking at the current diet sessions, do you feel that the Abe administration and the LDP are trying to listen to the voice of the people?

Yes 16
No 69


Q5. ◆ The ”Special Secrecy Law” imposes harsher punishment on anybody leaking state secrets or illegally obtaining state secrets, in order to prevent the leaking of state secrets. On the other hand, there is a possibility that this law will enable the state to hide inconvenient truths, and will restrict the right to know of citizens. Do you agree with the Special Secrecy Law?

Yes 24
No 51


Q6. ◆ This law was steamrollered by the ruling party in the House of Representatives. It has now been steamrollered in the House of Councillors. Do you think the steamrollering of the Special Secrets Law is a problem?

Yes 65
No 21


Q7. ◆ Do you think that there has been enough debate on the Special Secrets Law in the diet?

Yes 11
No 75


Q8. ◆ Do you feel that the creation of the Special Secrets Law will result in the arbitrary application of the law, such as the government concealing inconvenient truths?

Yes 73
No 18


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