Asahi Shimbun March 2009 Emergency Public Opinion Poll (09-07)

Key Issues
  • Support for the Aso Cabinet
  • Impressions of the DPJ’s political contribution scandal
Dates Conducted

March 7 and 8, 2009

Date Released

March 9, 2009 (Morning Edition of the Asahi Shimbun)


The poll was conducted by telephone on March 7 and 8 with voters from across Japan , whose telephone numbers were selected by a computer at random. Subjects were selected using a three-stage random sampling method (the Asahi RDD). The total number of those polled was 1,126, a 62% response rate. Decimals were rounded to the nearest figure. Parts of some questions and answers have been abbreviated. The numbers in [ ] represent percentages of the total sample population. The numbers in ( ) are results from the previous poll conducted on February 19 and 20, 2009.


Q1.  The first questions are related to today’s politics.  Do you support the Aso Cabinet?

Support 14%(13)
Do notsupport 70%(75)


SQ1. Why?  Please select one from the following four choices: (The results in the left column are from the 14% who answered “support,” and the results in the right column are from the 70% who answered “do not support.”)

Mr. Aso is the Prime Minister 16% [2] 13% [9]
The cabinet is primarily composed of LDP members 41% [6] 23% [16]
Policies of the cabinet 23% [3] 54% [38]
The ministers in the cabinet 12% [2] 6% [5]


Q2. Which political party do you currently support?

Liberal Democratic Party 22(25)%
Democratic Party ofJapan 22(26)%
New Komeito 3(3)%
JapanCommunist Party 3(2)%
Social Democratic Party 1(1)%
The People’s New Party 0(0)%
Kaikaku Club 0(0)%
The New Party ofJapan 0(0)%
Other political party 0(0)%
Do not favor any political party 41(39)%
Cannot say/Do not know 8(4)%


Q3. Do you think the House of Representatives should be dissolved and an election held as quickly as possible or is there no need to rush?

As quickly as possible 57(64)%
No need to rush 32(28)%


Q4. If the general election were being held today, which party would you vote for in your proportional representation district?  Please answer with the party’s name.

Liberal Democratic Party 24(22)%
Democratic Party ofJapan 36(42)%
New Komeito 4(3)%
JapanCommunist Party 5(4)%
Social Democratic Party 2(2)%
The People’s New Party 0(0)%
Kaikaku Club 0(0)%
The New Party ofJapan 0(0)%
Other political party 1(1)%
Cannot say/Do not know 28(26)%


Q5. Do you think that it would be best for the administration to continue to be centered on the LDP?  Or do you think that there should be a change in an administration centered on the Democratic Party of Japan? (Answers within the parentheses are the results from a January 10th and 11th survey)

Would like to see a Liberal Democratic party centered administration 24(24)%
Would like to see a Democratic Party of Japan centered administration 45(44)%


Q6. Between Prime Minister [Taro] Aso and DPJ President [Ichiro] Ozawa, who do you think is more suited to be prime minister?

Mr.Aso 22(19)%
Mr.Ozawa 32(45)%


Q7.  Due to the issue of Nishimatsu Construction Company’s illegal business contributions, the secretary of Representative Ozawa of the Democratic Party of Japan was arrested. Ozawa has explained that “I was not aware of the donations from businesses. There is nothing guilty about it.” Do you accept Ozawa’s explanation? Or do you not accept his explanation?

Accept his explanation 12%
Do not accept his explanation 77%


Q8. Do you believe that it would be better for Ozawa to continue as the representative of the Democratic Party of Japan? Or do you believe it would be better for him to resign?

Better for Ozawa to continue 26%
Better for Ozawa to resign 57%


Q9. Has the political donation problem that surrounds Representative Ozawa improved your impression of the Democratic Party of Japan? Worsened your impression? Or did not change your impression?

Impression has improved 1%
Impression has worsened 40%
Impression has not changed 56%


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