Asahi Shimbun January 2009 Regular Opinion Poll (09-01)

Key Issues
  • Support for the Aso Cabinet
  • Distribution of fixed-sum benefits and economic policy
  • Dispatch of temporary laborers
Dates Conducted

January 10 and 11, 2009

Date Released

January 12, 2009 (Morning Edition of the Asahi Shimbun; questions and responses released on January 13)


The poll was conducted by telephone on January 10 and 11 with voters from across Japan, whose telephone numbers were selected by a computer at random. Subjects were selected using a three-stage random sampling method (the Asahi RDD). The total number of those polled was 2138, a 58% response rate. Decimals were rounded to the nearest figure. Parts of some questions and answers have been abbreviated. The numbers in brackets represent percentages of the total sample population. The numbers in parentheses are results the previous poll conducted on December 6 and 7, 2008.


Q1. The following questions are related to today’s politics.

Do you support the Aso Cabinet or not?

Support 19 (22)%
Do not support 67 (64)%

Q2. Which political party do you currently support?

Liberal Democratic Party 24 (27) %
Democratic Party of Japan 24 (23) %
New Komeito 2 (2) %
Japan Communist Party 2 (2) %
Social Democratic Party 1 (1) %
The People’s New Party 0 (0) %
The New Party of Japan 0 (0) %
Other party 0 (0) %
Do not support any party 40 (38) %
No Answer/Do not know 7 (7) %

Q3. Do you think the House of Representatives should be dissolved and a general election be held as soon as possible? Or do you think there is no need to rush?

As soon as possible 54 (51)%
No need to rush 35 (40)%


Q4. If you were to vote in the general election right now, which party do you think you would vote for in your proportional-representation district?

Liberal Democratic Party 25 (28)%
Democratic Party of Japan 38 (36) %
New Komeito 3 (3) %
Japan Communist Party 4 (3) %
Social Democratic Party 1 (2) %
The People’s New Party 0 (0) %
The New Party of Japan 0 (0) %
Other party 1 (1) %
No Answer/Do not know 28 (27)%

Q5. Do you think that it would be best for the administration to continue to be centered on the LDP?  Or do you think that there should be a change to an administration centered on the Democratic Party of Japan?

Administration centered on the LDP 24 (29)%
Administration centered on the DPJ 44 (43)%

Q6. Between Prime Minister [Taro] Aso and DPJ President [Ichiro] Ozawa, who do you think is more suited to be prime minister?

Mr. Aso 26 (30)%
Mr. Ozawa 35 (35)%

Q7. The government recently submitted the second budget for fiscal 2008, which includes a total of 2 trillion yen in fixed-sum benefits to be distributed among households. Do you think the cash handouts should be distributed per the government policy or not?

Should be handed out 28%
Should not be handed out 63%

Q8. Do you think the cash handouts are an effective form of economic policy or not?

Effective 18%
Not effective 71%


Q9. In the government’s budget proposal for the new fiscal year, though tax revenues are predicted to decrease by 7 trillion yen, the government is increasing expenditures by 5 trillion yen, shifting its policy from fiscal reform to economic-stimulus measures. Do you approve of this change in policy or not?

Approve 33%
Do not approve 41%


Q10. Do you have expectations for Prime Minister Taro’s economic policy or not?

Have expectations 24%
Do not have expectations 70%


Q11. The government announced that they would raise the consumption tax in three years, on the condition that the economy improves. Do you approve of the government’s policy or not?

Approve 32%
Do not approve 56%

Q12. The next questions concern temporary workers.

As many temporary workers are being let off, some are of the opinion that the dispatch of laborers in manufacturing should be prohibited and it should be a rule that they are hired directly. Others believe that this will only make employment opportunities decrease further.  Do you support or are you against the prohibition of temporary workers in manufacturing?

Support 30%
Against 46%


Q13. How concerned are you about you or your family losing employment or seeing a major decrease in income? Please select one from the following.

Very concerned 33%
Somewhat concerned 44%
Not very concerned 17%
Not concerned at all 5%


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