Profiles 2014-2015

The 19th Group of Mike Mansfield Fellows


P1000015Jeffrey Dallas

Current Title: Captain, United States Air Force

Objective During Fellowship: Gain a deeper understanding of Japan’s political and defense structure and organization to identify opportunities for closer U.S.-Japan cooperation while developing relationships that will allow for more effective collaboration on our shared security, humanitarian and defense objectives.​



P1000008Andrew Durfor

Current Title: Chemist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Objective During Fellowship: Gain insight into the pressures and priorities that influence medical device regulation in Japan with attention to the risk management elements used for foreign manufacturers. Additionally, increase mutual understanding of the inspection paradigm for determining compliance with applicable GMP (good manufacturing practices)/Quality System requirements in the United States and Japan with the goal of increasing cooperation and mutually satisfactory outcomes.



P1000029Jason Ferguson

Current Title: Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Objective During Fellowship: Develop an in-depth understanding of U.S.-Japan law enforcement cooperation and identify areas where that cooperation can be improved.  In particular, experience how Japan is dealing with the evolving threat of international terrorism and communicate my expertise in that field to strengthen bilateral counterterrorism measures.



P1000009Rachel Ianacone

Current Title: Captain, United States Air Force

Objective During Fellowship: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Japanese government, military, and businesses operate and create policy, as well as the cultural nuances that drive the interactions between these agencies.




P1000034Takashi Nelson

Current Title: Supervisory Air Traffic Control Specialist, Federal Aviation Administration

Objective During Fellowship: Learn and understand how the Japanese government and Japan Civil Aviation Bureau’s (JCAB) Air Traffic Services Department plans to deal with the next generation of aeronautical issues and technology. More specifically, learn how the JCAB is planning to educate its current and future work force — how it collaborates with the private sector and with the international community.



DSC09497Isaac Nichols

Current Title: Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Objective During Fellowship: Gain a greater understanding of Japan’s approach to combating national security threats and how its law enforcement agencies divide their resources to defend against emerging threats in the areas of extremism, cyber crime, and transnational organized crime. Develop mutually beneficial relationships that will promote greater cooperation between our agencies in the future.



P1000031Cameron Salony

Current Title: Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Department of Energy

Objective During Fellowship: Gain insight into Japan’s policies regarding clean energy technology development and commercialization, nuclear nonproliferation, global security, and environmental cleanup and preservation.




P1000018Howard Stone

Current Title: Program Specialist, U.S. Department of Justice

Objective During Fellowship: Engage in two-way sharing of best practices and lessons-learned with my Japanese counterparts, especially in regard to the koban system, leadership and management, innovation, public-private partnerships, and technological approaches to problem-solving.



P1000022Alice Tsujihara

Current Title: Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Objective During Fellowship: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how the Japanese law enforcement community combats organized crime, cyber crime, transnational money laundering and criminal matters.  Also, continue to encourage reciprocal assistance and cooperation between our agencies.



P1000025Ariel Wyckoff

Current Title: Program Analyst, U.S. Department of State

Objective During Fellowship: Share information with and learn from Japanese government colleagues about policies and programs that promote enhanced engagement with nations of Southeast Asia, especially of the Mekong region, with regard to shared U.S.-Japanese priorities such as good governance, economic development, rule of law, and environmental sustainability — including promotion and promulgation of alternative energy technologies.

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