Profiles 2013-2014

Yuri Arthur    Yuri Arthur    

  Title  : Commercial Officer/ International Trade Specialist, United States and Foreign Commercial Service, US   Department of Commerce    

  Objective :  Examine trade strategies from policy, through execution, to actual results.



Michael Bosack

  Michael Bosack 

  Title  : United States Air Force(Captain).

  Objective : Gain insight into Japanese policy making while developing relationships that will allow more effective work on Japan-related issues, particularly in multilateral disaster relief, humanitarian assistance,  extended deterrence through collective defense, and academic exchange programs.     


kimberly coniam

  Kimberly Coniam

  Title : Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State

  Objective : Examine Japan’s approach to space security policy, particularly its institutions and practices.




 Phil Dobberfuhl

Title : Astronautical Developmental Officer, United States Air Force (Major).

Objective : Acquire a better understanding Japan’s efforts to integrate the roles of national security and space application into the existing space program; identify appropriate and realistic opportunities for deeper U.S.-Japan space cooperation and build the contacts and knowledge requisite to enable implementation.




Wikrom Kitchaiya

Title : United States Air Force (Captain).

Objective : Gain a comprehensive understanding of Japan’s foreign affairs, specifically with Southeast Asian nations, its national security policies, and the preparation for humanitarian assistance/ disaster relief missions.



leeCatherine Lee

Title : Scientific Data Analyst, United States Food and Drug Administration.

Objective : Gain insight on Japan’s pediatric drug development and pediatric legislative efforts. Also continue promoting the growth and development of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency partnership with FDA’s Office of Pediatric Therapeutics.

paslay  Jared  Paslay

Title : C-130 Instructor Pilot/Japan Exchange Officer, United States Air Force (Major).

Objective : Obtain an intimate understanding of Japan’s self-defense policies as well as the natural disaster/humanitarian mission at home and abroad to include strategic and government negotiation processes, and non-government agency roles in disaster relief.




Paul Saulski

Title : Senior Counsel, U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission.

Objective :  Gain an in-depth understanding of the institutional arrangements and policy objectives underpinning the regulation and oversight of Japan’s coordination with foreign market authorities in the supervision of, and the bringing of legal enforcement actions pertaining to, cross-border financial market activities and participants.                



 Robert Sheldon

Title : Senior Policy Analyst, U.S.- China Economics and Security Review Commission.

Objective : Collaborate with Japanese counterparts to promote bilateral strategic planning in cyberspace and address emerging security challenges in the Asia Pacific



  Jonathan Thompson

Title : Senior Advisor for Commercial Affairs in East Asia and Global Defense Sales, U.S. Department of State

Objective : Deepen my understanding of Japan’s economic, security, and maritime interest in the Northeast and Southeast Asian sub-regions, expand professional relationships with Japanese officials, and jointly explore avenues for increasing U.S. -Japan collaboration on shared sub-regional interests.

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