Profiles 2012-2013

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Jennifer Reynolds Wheelock | Kristofer F. Padilla | Nathan Purdy | Christopher S. Fanning


Jennifer Reynolds Wheelock

Associate Analyst, Congressional Budget OfficeObjective: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Japan’s long-term budget and economic challenges and the institutions and practices that shape the budget process.


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Kristofer F. Padilla

Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air ForceObjective: Gain a firsthand understanding of Japan’s defense policy and its regional security issues, multi-lateral inter-operability, and Japan Self Defense Force operations across a wide spectrum, from strategic security issues and humanitarian missions to flight training.


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Nathan Purdy

Front Line Manager, Federal Aviation AdministrationObjective: Attain an in-depth understanding of Japanese labor, collaboration, management relations, and policy-making specific to implementation of new technologies and ideas, such as the Just Culture reporting system to improve the safety of Japanese aviation.


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Christopher S. Fanning

Business and Industry Specialist, National Marine Fisheries Service, Southwest Region, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Department of Commerce.Objective: Develop an understanding of the Japan Fisheries Agency’s management goals and challenges and enhance my understanding of Japan Fishery Agency processes while gaining insights on strategic planning and implementation of the fishery industry infrastructure and its community rebuilding efforts.

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