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Janet Won Cho | Michael Louis Clark | Patrick Robert Hollen | Douglas Ryan Jacobson |Elizabeth Curtis Machek |

Janet Won Cho

Current Title: Asia Pacific Regional Specialist

Agency during Fellowship: United States Department of Defense

Fellowship Objective: Gain a firsthand understanding of Japan’s defense policies toward North Korea and how Japan develops these policies; learn about Japan’s perspective on bilateral defense cooperation with South Korea and trilateral defense cooperation with the United States.

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Michael Louis Clark

Current Title: Fishery Management Specialist, NOAA
United States Department of Commerce

Agency During Fellowship: National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Department of Commerce

Fellowship Objective: Attain an in-depth perspective on Japan’s domestic fisheries management, especially policies related to Total Allowable Catch limits, fish quota monitoring, recreational fisheries, managing commercial fishing efforts, and fisheries law enforcement.

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Patrick Robert Hollen

Current Title: Captain

Agency during Fellowship: United States Navy

Fellowship Objective: Develop a deeper understanding of Japan’s internal security/defense policy development process, especially civilian security/defense policymaking architecture and the interagency cooperation process.

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Douglas Ryan Jacobson

Current Title: Senior International Trade Specialist

Agency during Fellowship: U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service, International Trade Administration, United States Department of Commerce

Fellowship Objective: Examine Japan’s international trade policy development process; gain an in-depth understanding of how Japan embraces globalization through export promotion, foreign direct investment and the regulatory framework on imports.

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Elizabeth Curtis Machek

Current Title: Community Planner

Agency during Fellowship: Research and Innovative Technology Administration, United States Department of Transportation

Fellowship Objective: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Japan’s transportation system and its regulation, particularly related to innovative responses to demographic change and needs; learn about the roles of local, prefectural, and national government agencies in transportation.

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