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Ebony L. Bostic | Yukiko T. Ellis | Timothy M. Joel
Paul J. Steenen | Adrienne B. Vanek

Ebony L. Bostic

Current Title
Regional Education Team Leader, Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, United States Agency for International Development

Agency During Fellowship
United States Agency for International Development

Home State
New Jersey

Professional Specialty
Policy Analyst

Host Agencies in Japan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs–Economic Cooperation Bureau, Aid Policy Div.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) – Trade & Econ. Coop. Bureau, Tech Coop Div
Diet Internship

Placement Description
Explored public-private partnerships in international development; gained an insider’s perspective on the policy-making process involved in engaging private organizations in international development; learned about public-private partnership activities from the private sector perspective; gained an understanding of constituent and parliamentary issues surrounding foreign assistance.

  • Followed the decision-making process regarding the provision of Japanese large-scale, infrastructure related, development assistance to both countries
  • Worked on the Mongolia Consultative Group Meeting (CG), held in Tokyo on November 19 through 21
  • Drafted speeches presented at the Consultative Group Meeting (CG) by the Senior Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Director General of the Economic Cooperation Bureau, and the Director of the Country Assistance Planning Office
  • Worked on the development of comprehensive country strategies and documents for the ASEAN meeting in December 2003
  • Participated in a meeting of Japan Platform, an organization created to help NGOs, the business community and the government work together to provide emergency relief quickly and effectively, and observed presentations of proposals, discussions, and decision-making on these proposals
  • Attended METI’s 185th Technical Cooperation Meeting, and met people from 20 different organizations involved in implementing foreign assistance with METI
  • Present her policy proposal on METI’s fiscal year 2005 effort in human resources development within ASEAN countries to a non-METI partner organization
  • Worked with her colleagues to determine METI’s policy towards Indonesia following the Parliamentary and Presidential elections held in Indonesia
  • Took a business trip to Vietnam and attended a conference on human resource development in Ho Chi Minh, in which Japan and all ten ASEAN countries participated

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Yukiko T. Ellis

Current Title
Mathematical Statistician, Census/Current Integration Group, Service Sector Statistics Division

Agency During Fellowship
Bureau of the Census, U.S. Department of Commerce

Home State

Professional Specialty
Mathematical Statistician

Host Agencies in Japan
Statistics Bureau of Japan (SBJ)
Stats Survey Department, Population Survey Division, Statistical Planning Division
Cabinet Office. Economics and Social Research Institute. Department of National Accounts. Research and Coordination Division

Placement Description
Learned how Japan conducts its population census every five years; explored how the local government statistical system interrelates with the central government statistical system; and gained an understanding about how Japan contributes to improvement and development of international economic statistics

  • Took a business trip with her colleagues to Nagoya in central Japan to observe the questionnaire delivery of survey for the Housing and Land Survey
  • Went to Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku Island with her colleagues to observe the editing of the Housing and Land Survey questionnaires by the local and prefecture statistics staff, and discussed both with the local and prefecture staff members about the quality of the returned questionnaires and the questionnaire items that seemed to have caused the most response errors and confusion among the respondents
  • Attended two international conferences that took place in Kyoto; The Meeting of the Heads of National Statistical Officers of East Asian Countries, which was attended by not only the heads of national statistical offices from East Asian countries, but representatives from Australia, New Zealand and the United States, and The 21st Population Census Conference.
  • Visited about 10 prefectures in preparation for the 2005 population census with her colleagues to exchange opinions on the plan of the upcoming census.
  • Attended an inter-ministry meeting at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
  • Went to the Kyushu Block meeting, which was attended by a few representatives from the statistics office of each prefecture in Kyushu (one of four main islands of Japan), explained the Japanese Government’s “New Directions in the Development of Government Statistical Services,” and had exchange of opinions with the local officials
  • Participated in the Statistics Council meeting where the officials from the Statistics Bureau responded to some of the questions on the next year’s population census
  • Had a business trip to Osaka and observed enumerators

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Timothy M. Joel

Current Title
Special Agent, Money Laundering Squad, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Agency During Fellowship
Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice

Home State

Professional Specialty
Special Agent

Host Agencies in Japan
National Police Agency International Affairs Department, Criminal Investigation Bureau, Organized Crime Control Department
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Dept.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy Bureau, Office of International Counterterrorism Cooperation

Placement Description
Learned about Japan’s law enforcement system; acquired an understanding of how Japan conducts organized crime investigations, especially for domestic and international money laundering; examined Japanese laws pertaining to money laundering and terrorist-related criminal activities in Japan.

  • Participated in an investigation on a local organized crime group
  • Visited the Japanese Criminal Court to observe an organized crime drug investigation court proceeding
  • Visited various local police stations to observe local counterfeit credit cards investigations in-progress
  • Observed several surveillance operations and witness an actual arrest and interrogation of a suspect
  • Visit several Yakuza offices in downtown Tokyo with detectives from TMPD
  • Visited a local police station in northern Tokyo with his colleagues to observe a Yakuza murder investigation that occurred in the local hospital
  • Visited TMPD’s electronic surveillance operation center, where TMPD sets up police camera and other electronic surveillance equipment to observe subjects’ movement
  • Worked on G8 Summit-Roman-Lyon Group’s travel safety issue called Secured And Facilitated Travel Initiative, or SAFTI issues
  • Attended several parliamentary sessions, such as Foreign Affairs and Defense session, and Foreign Affairs Division Policy Board session
  • Participated in a murder investigation where he observed first-hand how the local police responds to an urgent investigation

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Paul J. Steenen

Current Title
Public Affairs Specialist,
Office of Communication and Outreach
U.S. Department of Education

Agency During Fellowship
U.S. Department of Education

Home State

Professional Specialty
Education Program Specialist

Host Agencies in Japan
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Minister’s Secretariat, International Division, Elementary and Secondary Education Bureau, Elementary and Secondary Planning Division – Special Support Education Division
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office of Education, National Institute of Special Education

Placement Description
Learned how Japan develops policies and reforms related to curriculum standards, teacher certification and training; gained an understanding of how Japan develops and implements special education policies and reforms at the national, prefectural and local levels; learned how special education teachers are trained and certified.

  • Participate in the Fulbright Memorial Fund Program, which brings American teachers to Japan for three weeks to increase cultural and educational understanding between both countries
  • Attended the Asian Pacific International Conference on Special Education hosted by National Institute of Special Education, which was focused on the use of assitive technology for students with disabilities
  • Took a business trip to Fukuoka in southern Japan to attend a three-week English language training for Japanese teachers
  • Worked with his colleagues on the 2003-2008 five-year reforms for the education of students in English
  • Visited Tokyo Gakugei University, one of the premiere teacher education universities in all of Japan, met with faculties and students, and toured the Special Education Research facility
  • Worked on the MEXT’s new guidelines for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Attended a weeklong training at the National Institute of Special Education (NISE) for top administrators from each prefecture, where duties and responsibilities around the role of the newly created positions of special education coordinators were developed
  • Visited the Nakano Mentally Handicapped School, and was assigned to one classroom for a week

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Adrienne B. Vanek

Current Title
Global Senior Director, Beer and Better World
Anheuser-Busch InBev

Agency During Fellowship
U.S. Senate, Banking Committee

Home State

Professional Specialty

Host Agencies in Japan
Ministry of Finance, International Affairs Bureau, International Organizations Division, Development Institutions Division
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Diet Internship

Placement Description
Examined how the Japanese government formulates, coordinates and implements economic policies; gained an understanding of Japan’s inter-ministry economic policy-making process and how it compares with the U.S. inter-agency process; explored the relationship between the Japanese Diet and Ministry of Finance and how it compares with the U.S. Congress-Treasury Department relationship.

  • Followed the spate of FTA proposals, and analyzed their potential adverse effects on the Japanese economy, especially those of the proposed ASEAN+3-China FTA
  • Worked with her colleagues on speeches, position papers, and so forth for the October ASEAN+3 and APEC meetings
  • Participated in an interesting study group on a MoF bill that was shortly sent to the Diet for a vote
  • Attended the plenary session of the last round of the Japan-Mexico FTA talks
  • Attended a Lower House floor session wherein an education bill was presented to the Speaker of the House
  • Attended a meeting of the Budget Committee in which the budget for FY 2004 was debated and passed
  • Attended a Diet session where Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and his Cabinet answered various Members’ questions and concerns
  • Accompanied Mr. Eto to his constituency, Oita Prefecture, and met Mr. Eto’s local staff and over 100 constituents
  • Regularly attended the FTA briefings given to the LDP by various Ministry officials while at the Diet
  • Researched Chinese economic and trade data, and worked on price elasticity studies on Chinese metals
  • Researched the potential effects free trade agreements (FTAs) would have on the Chinese agricultural market

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