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David A. Boling | Leo V. Bosner | Gavin J. Buckley
Ken Kobayashi | Mark St. Angelo | Mark T. Staples

    David A. BolingCurrent Title
Deputy Executive Director of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation
Formerly, Chief of Staff, U.S. Congressman Vic Snyder
Formerly, Antitrust Counsel to Chairman of the Antitrust Subcommittee of the U.S. Senate Judiciary CommitteeAgency During Fellowship
U.S. Department of Justice

Home State: Arkansas

Professional Specialty: Attorney

Host Agencies in Japan
Japan Fair Trade Commission—Management and Planning Division, Investigation Bureau, General Affairs Division, Economic Affairs Division

Ministry of Justice—Judicial System and Research Dept., Minister’s Secretariat, Criminal Affairs Bureau, Tokyo District Court, Criminal Affairs Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau

Placement Description
September 2000 – September 2001

Examined legal reforms that the Japanese government is undertaking, with particular emphasis on how these reforms may change the character of the Japanese legal system and affect the Antimonopoly Law regime.

Representative Activities:

  • interviewed investigators (in Japanese) about JFTC investigation procedures
  • gave a presentation to JFTC colleagues (again in Japanese) on Antitrust Division civil non-merger investigation procedures
  • at the JFTC’s Economic Affairs Bureau, observed how the General Affairs Division oversees the introduction of amendments to the Antimonopoly Law
  • participated in a brainstorming session with JFTC staffers about two critical issues: potential research topics that the JFTC would contract out to academics (itaku chosa); and long-term organizational changes to the JFTC’s structure
  • made a presentation before senior officials and the Commissioners of the JFTC about the U.S. Justice Department, Antitrust Division’s Corporate Leniency Program
  • contributed an article to the Fair Trade Institute’s magazine about his view of the future of the JFTC
  • observed meetings of the Legal Reform Council
  • visited the Legal Research and Training Institute
  • interviewed prosecutors and various attorneys regarding the Japanese legal system

Post Fellowship
Current U.S. Government Assignments and Activities
In 2005, Attorney, Mitchell Williams Selig Gates Woodyard, Law Firm in Arkansas. Responsible for criminal antitrust matters, including international cartel cases. October 2001, returned to Japan to make presentations on the benefits of anti monopoly law enforcement. Briefed Congressional staff on Japan’s legal reform.

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    Leo V. Bosner
Retired from Federal ServiceCurrent Title
Formerly, Emergency Management Specialist, FEMA, U.S. Department of Homeland SecurityAgency During Fellowship
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Home State: New York

Professional Specialty:
Emergency Management Specialist

Host Agencies in Japan
Japan Defense Agency—Joint Staff Office, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Office of Emergency Planning

Placement Description
September 2000 – September 2001

Learned how Japanese agencies prepare for and respond to disasters in Japan, and the extent to which the agencies coordinate with one another.

Representative Activities:

  • observed the Tokyo Disaster Drill-a first-of-its-kind comprehensive training exercise for disaster relief
  • met with Ministry of Health and Tokyo Fire Department officials to discuss emergency management issues
  • gave a lecture on emergency management at the National Defense Medical Center
  • spoke at a disaster conference in Kobe on the topic of “special needs” populations in disasters, gave presentations on emergency management systems at the Tokyo Disaster Medical Center, exercise design at the Nuclear Safety Commission, and bio-terrorism preparedness at the JDA.
  • attended an all-day conference on emergency rescue sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Fire Department; provided brief remarks at the conference
  • facilitated an information-sharing meeting at Yokosuka Naval Base between some JDA colleagues and the emergency planning officer for the U.S. Navy in Japan
  • participated in a meeting in Okinawa with U.S. Navy emergency response planners to discuss emergency response planning issues in Japan
  • visited the Japan National Fire Academy (NFA)

Current U.S.-Government Assignments and Activities

Returned to FEMA headquarters. January 2002, spoke on emergency management at Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief Conference in Okinawa.

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    Gavin J. BuckleyCurrent Title
Financial Economist
U.S. Treasury DepartmentAgency During Fellowship
U.S. Treasury DepartmentHome State: Washington, D.C.

Professional Specialty
Financial Economist

Host Agencies in Japan
Financial Services Agency—Communications and Policy Division, Planning and Coordination Dept., Planning and Legal Division

Deposit Insurance Corporation—General Affairs Dept., Planning Division

Diet internship

Placement Description
September 2000 – September 2001

Learned the Japanese decision-making process concerning asset disposal and failed bank resolution for Japan’s financial institutions, and how the government plans to revitalize Japan’s financial system.

Representative Activities:

  • attended meetings dealing with policy issues (i.e. non-bank companies owning depository institutions, taxation issues, etc.)
  • provided consultation on U.S. financial regulation policies
  • completed a paper explaining the use of cost-benefit analysis in analyzing financial regulation
  • wrote a short paper on asset disposal methods used by the U.S. Resolution Trust Corporation
  • attended the DIC Board meeting
  • examined the history of a specific resolution case, involving a company that owed approximately ten billion yen to Hokkaido Bank when the bank failed in 1996
  • accompanied a DIC inspection trip of the RCC branches in western Japan

Current U.S. Government Assignments and Activities
Returned to U.S. Treasury Department

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    Ken Kobayashi
Retired from Federal ServiceCurrent Title
Therapeutic Area Head, Oncology Department, Janssen Pharmaceutical KK
Formerly, Senior Investigator (Oncology), National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health.Agency During Fellowship
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Home State: Illinois

Professional Specialty
Medical Officer

Host Agencies in Japan
Ministry of Health and Welfare—Evaluation and Licensing Division Pharmaceutical and Safety Bureau, First Evaluation Department, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Evaluation Center

National Cancer Center

National Cancer Hospital

Placement Description
September 2000 – September 2001

Explored the process of oncology drug development in Japan by studying how cancer clinical trials are designed, executed and analyzed, and how the results are applied in clinical and regulatory decision making.

Representative Activities:

  • assisted with responses to questions from Japanese Diet members about FDA computing resources and the number of drugs approved during the past year
  • attended a meeting of the Japanese Red Cross on the topic of screening technologies for HIV-AIDS
  • delivered speeches to the Japan Cancer Association (JCA) and the Japan Society for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Engineering (JSPME)
  • attended meetings of the oncology team, including meetings with companies submitting applications for drug approval
  • took part in a two-week administrative training course for GOJ officials
  • spent a two-week internship in the office of Diet member Kumashiro
  • attended a two-week training course that covered legal, scientific, medical and manufacturing issues related to pharmaceuticals
  • attended an oncology meeting in Sendai and an MCPA-sponsored conference in Hokkaido on rural health care
  • gave a series of talks (in Japanese) on factors influencing new anticancer drug development in the United States

Current U.S. Government Assignments and Activities

Returned to FDA where he has added responsibility for reviewing drug development projects for new anti-cancer drugs in Japan. Wrote several articles on Japan’s regulatory process for oncology drugs. Currently, Group Manager, Oncology Early Clinical Development, Novartis Pharma KK.

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    Mark St. Angelo
Retired from Federal ServiceCurrent Title
Trial Attorney, Morongo Band of Mission Indians
Formerly, U.S. Attorney, U.S. Attorney’s Office, N.D. California, Civil Division, U.S. Department of JusticeAgency During Fellowship
U.S. Department of Justice

Home State: California

Professional Specialty
Attorney, Deputy Chief, Civil Division

Host Agencies in Japan
Tokyo High Court—Intellectual Property Divisions

Tokyo District Court

Japan Patent Office—Enforcement Office, International Affairs Division, General Affairs Bureau

Ministry of Justice—Criminal Affairs Bureau

Tokyo Public Prosecutor’s Office

Placement Description
September 2000-September 2001

Learned how Japan formulates and implements laws to protect intellectual property rights with an emphasis on enforcement, and how Japan handles intellectual property rights infringement by outsiders.

Representative Activities:

  • accompanied judges of Tokyo High Court when they held hearings in open court or less formal hearings held in rooms adjacent to the court’s chambers
  • attended a briefing by representatives of the JPO (Japan Patent Office), concerning the JPO’s new guidelines for the approval of business model patents.
  • gave a lecture to the judges of the High Court on recent developments in U.S. patent law litigation
  • attended a weekend retreat with all the judges and some of the clerks from the three IP divisions of the District Court
  • at the Japan Patent Office (JPO), International Section, Counterfeit Goods Countermeasures Group (CGCG), attended a meeting of the Counterfeit Goods Countermeasures Committee
  • observed the workings of the Tokyo Customs Office, Intellectual Property Chief Investigators’ Office
  • visited the Customs Cargo Facility at Narita Airport as well as the main bonded warehouse where incoming cargo is stored during the clearance process
  • provided advice for a proposed formal agreement between the JPO and the patent office of another nation
  • attended a two-day training session for prosecutors from each District Prosecutor’s Office concerning the new Juvenile Crime Law
  • attended the National Personnel Authority Administrative Training course for mid-level government managers
  • at the Tokyo District Prosecutor’s Office, Criminal Division, observed his colleague question suspects and witnesses in cases involving IP issues; reviewed the files of some computer hacking (unlawful access to computer) cases handled by Group 5 of the Criminal Division

Current U.S. Government Assignments and Activities

Returned to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Northern California. Served as a liaison between U.S. federal and state court judges and a visiting judge from the Japan High Court. Wrote an article on intellectual property litigation in Japan for publication of the Intellectual Property Section of the California State Bar.

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    Mark T. Staples
Retired from Federal ServiceCurrent Title
Vice President, Business Development, Maritime Sensors and Systems
Lockheed Martin Global Inc., Tokyo JapanAgency During Fellowship
U.S. Navy

Home State: Colorado

Professional Specialty

Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Host Agencies in Japan
Japan Defense Agency—Defense Operations Division, Operations Planning Division

Ministry of Foreign Affairs—Second Southeast Asia Division

Diet internship

Placement Description
September 2000 – September 2001

Learned how Japan plans and executes security-related crisis management, with particular attention towards crisis management in the context of the U.S.-Japan security relationship.

Representative Activities:

  • attended daily lectures from various bureaus on the general function and mission of the JDA and SDF and also conducted numerous field trips to JDA and SDF facilities and institutions
  • attended meetings of the Liberal Democratic Party Defense Study Group, which included the current and three former JDA Director Generals
  • at the JDA, Operations Bureau, Operations Division, assisted in developing a weekly Operations Brief for the JDA Director General
  • made a presentation at the Okazaki Institute’s New U.S.-Japan Alliance Project, in Tokyo and Washington, D.C.
  • attended a two-week GOJ Administrative Training course
  • attended a national security seminar at the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS)
  • at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asia Bureau, Southeast Asia Second Division, examined the regional military situation and developed policy recommendations for U.S.-Japan cooperation
  • gave two media interviews
  • presented a lecture on the U.S.-Japan security alliance at Waseda University

Current U.S. Government Assignments and Activities
Recently retired from the U.S. Navy after spending several years at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.

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