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Major Program Requirements

Once accepted into the program, Fellows receive the Fellowship Administrative Policies and Procedures manual, which contains a list of all program requirements, procedures and policies. Fellows are required to comply with the program requirements, including the following.




After acceptance, Fellows sign a written agreement with the Mansfield Foundation and with their agencies. The contract includes a commitment to continue in federal service for at least two years after completing the Fellowship unless the Fellow is involuntarily separated from the service of the agency.


Common Agreement


Upon arrival in Japan, Fellows sign a document agreeing to comply with all appropriate Japanese laws and regulations related to their Fellowship activities, including instructions concerning confidential information.


Liability Insurance


Fellows provide documentation that they are covered by liability insurance (either provided by the U.S. government or via personal liability policies) to cover accident, injury or civil liability. The government of Japan, the Mansfield Foundation, and the Mansfield Fellowship Program will not be held liable. There is no minimum dollar requirement.




Fellows submit, at their own expense, documentation that they are in good health and able to fulfill the requirements of the two-year Fellowship.


Demonstrated Progress and Required Conduct for Receipt of Federal Funds


As required by the legislation, Fellows agree to achieve satisfactory levels of progress in language study and to conduct themselves appropriately during the Fellowship as Mansfield Fellows, professionals and U.S. government representatives. They are expected to comply with the program’s Policies and Procedures.


Intelligence-Related Activity


Fellows agree to refrain from engaging in intelligence gathering or any intelligence-related activity on behalf of the U.S. or any other government.




Any detailed Fellow who is voluntarily separated from service at his/her agency during the Fellowship, or before the period for which the Fellow has agreed to continue in the agency's service, will pay the U.S. Department of State (the granting agency) any additional expenses incurred by the government in connection with the Fellowship (in compliance with Section 255 of the program's enabling legislation). Non-detailed Fellows who do not comply with the requirements of the Fellowship will reimburse the U.S. Department of State for funds expended on their behalf (as described in Section 253 of the legislation).


Support and Monitoring Activity


Fellows participate in program support and monitoring throughout the Fellowship period. They submit periodic written reports to the Foundation, attend meetings and discussion groups organized by the Foundation and provide post-Fellowship assistance to the program.


Required Activities


Fellows are expected to participate in all activities sponsored by the Foundation and the government of Japan.


Follow-up Activity


Fellows agree to submit follow-up reports and evaluations to the Mansfield Foundation, the government of Japan and the sponsoring agency, and to participate in other follow-up activities of the program.


Fellows' Responsibilities to Agencies During Fellowships


Fellows do not conduct routine work for their authorizing agencies during the two-year Fellowships. During this time, the Fellows expand and deepen their understanding of the government, language and culture of Japan and carry out a placement plan they have formulated for their year in Japan.

Agency and Other Requirements


Fellows must fulfill any additional requirements of the authorizing agency. Fellows must fulfill all applicable requirements of the Office of Management and Budget and any other governmental regulations that apply.


Responsibilities of U.S. Agencies


Agencies are responsible for working with the Fellows and the Mansfield Foundation to identify ways in which the Fellows can use their knowledge and expertise when they return from Japan. Agencies are also responsible for informing the Mansfield Foundation about any agency personnel evaluation procedures or requirements.





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