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Profiles of the Mansfield Fellows in Japan and Training in the United States



The Mansfield Fellows Training in the Japan, 2010-2011




Jordan Gregg Heiber

Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State


OBJECTIVE: Examine Japan’s role as an economic leader in Asia and how it economically engages with its neighbors and in regional economic forums, such as APEC; gain firsthand insight into how bilateral and regional trade policies are developed in Japan.




Rachelle Morgannette Johnson

Senior Legislative Assistant, United States Senate


OBJECTIVE: Attain an in-depth perspective on Japan’s approach to regional security, especially as it relates to defense priorities and spending, and gain an understanding of Japan’s approach to economic and humanitarian assistance.


Taria Siobhan McAfee

Attorney, Federal Aviation Administration


OBJECTIVE: Gain firsthand understanding of Japan’s legal and legislative policies and processes that regulate its aviation and contractual systems; learn about Japan’s procurement of new aviation technologies, equipment, and software, and gain insight into the formation of aviation safety initiatives and agreements.




Matthew Adam Poggi

Economist, U.S. Department of Treasury


OBJECTIVE: Develop an understanding of Japan’s fiscal and financial economic policy, especially its role in international financial policy through bilateral and multilateral fora and stabilization of financial markets.


James Timothy Spillane

Supervisory Traffic Management Coordinator, Federal Aviation Administration


OBJECTIVE: Gain a firsthand understanding of the Japanese decision-making process and implementation of technology in developing its Next Generation Air Transportation System and its harmonizing efforts with adjacent Air Navigation System Providers.




The Mansfield Fellows Training in the U.S., 2010-2011


Amanda J. Van den Dool

Program Analyst, U.S. Agency for International Development




Monterey R. Gardiner

Physical Scientist, Technology Development Manager, U.S. Department of Energy




Melissa Muhammad

Competent Authority/Tax Treaty Analyst, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of Treasury




Andrew L. Winternitz

Deputy Director for Japan Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Department of Defense




Tad Woolfe

Deputy Chief, Wing Current Operations, United States Air Force





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