Mansfield Foundation Staff

Washington, D.C.  |  Missoula, Montana  |  Tokyo, Japan

Washington, D.C. :

Frank Jannuzi
President and CEO
fjannuzi -at- mansfieldfdn dot org

Benjamin Self
Vice President
bself -at-


Joshua Archer
Associate Director of Programs
jarcher -at- mansfieldfdn dot org

Elly Sunyoung Cho
Program Manager
echo – at -mansfieldfdn dot org

Margo Grimm Eule
Director of Communications and Senior Advisor
mgeule -at- mansfieldfdn dot org

Ryan B. Shaffer
Director of Programs
rshaffer -at- mansfieldfdn dot org

Missoula, Montana:

Elizabeth Oleson
Fiscal Affairs Director
olesonea -at- mso dot umt dot edu

Linda Greiner
Associate Director, Finance and Programs
linda.greiner -at- mso dot umt dot edu


Tokyo, Japan:

Teruyo Kuramoto
Director, Tokyo Office
kuramoto -at- mansfieldfdn dot org

Chie Igarashi
Associate Director, Tokyo Office
igarashi -at- mansfieldfdn dot org

Saori Kobayashi
Administrative and Program Assistant
kobayashi -at- mansfieldfdn dot org


Senior and Visiting Fellows 

Andrew Collier
Senior Fellow
acollier-at-mansfieldfdn dot org

Takanori Sonoda
Senior Fellow
taksonoda -at- mansfieldfdn dot org

Weston Konishi
Adjunct Fellow
wkonishi -at- gmail dot com  

Chul Jae Lee
Visiting Fellow
leecj -at- mansfieldfdn dot org

Dae Seok Oh
Visiting Fellow
ohds -at- mansfieldfdn dot org

David Park
Visiting Fellow
jypark -at- mansfieldfdn dot org

Sehyeon Cha
Visiting Fellow
scha -at- mansfieldfdn dot org



Kimiko Medlock
Columbia University


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